Things Men Desperately Want in a Relationship

Men and women differ in various ways, including physically, emotionally, and in how they communicate. Women are often social and easily make female friends, but this approach doesn’t always work with men and can be a reason why men pull away. If your man is hesitant to commit, it’s time to change your approach.

Your man might be unsure about committing because he hasn’t fully recognized your value in his life or doesn’t feel comfortable showing his vulnerabilities yet.

To make your partner commit, you simply need to make him see the value in the relationship. To do this, you should provide what he desires in a relationship.

Here are a few things you can do to strengthen your relationship with him.

1. Praise him

Men can have sensitive egos, so it’s important to give them compliments and reassurance. Remind your partner of the things you appreciate about him and acknowledge his qualities. Be specific about what you find attractive and praise his skills. Whenever he does something thoughtful, compliment him. These words of encouragement will help him feel loved, and as you praise his positive qualities, you’ll come to see and appreciate them even more.

2. Allow him to be vulnerable

Society often teaches men from a young age to avoid showing signs of weakness, like crying, complaining, sharing fears, or expressing doubts. This is why it can take time for men to open up emotionally as they grow older. As a partner, it’s important to be supportive when he starts to show his vulnerabilities. When he cries or shares his emotions with you, he needs to know that you won’t react negatively or push him away.

3. Tell him it’s okay if he makes a mistake

Every man has a side of him that’s like a little boy, and it’s essential to realize that you’re his partner, not his mother. Your job isn’t to constantly scold him for his mistakes. Instead, have a calm conversation about it and let him know it’s alright. This shows your unconditional support and acceptance, even when he messes up. When he feels you understand him, he’ll want to become a better partner for you.

4. Treat him to romantic gestures

Many people may not realize that men desire romance just as much as women. Men often express their love through actions rather than words, so showing your affection through sweet gestures can be a meaningful way to remind him of your love. While he may not expect traditional romantic gifts like flowers or chocolates, he will likely appreciate occasional thoughtful texts or spontaneous kisses on the cheek.

5. Take an interest in his hobbies

Just as women appreciate when their partners show interest in their hobbies, men do too. Even if you don’t share all the same interests, it’s important to support and participate in each other’s activities from time to time. While you may not want to join him every time he plays racquetball or goes to the movies, making the effort to tag along occasionally can strengthen your bond and show that you value his interests, and you can encourage him to do the same with your hobbies.

6. Accept him for who he is

We all want to feel accepted by our partners, as it relates to childhood insecurities. If you can overlook small flaws, offer support in tough times, and avoid being judgmental, your partner will feel they’re in a great relationship. This acceptance allows them to be themselves without fear of criticism, building a strong bond.

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