10 Things Men Do That Makes Any Woman’s Heart Melt

Dear ladies! We know in today’s modern world you probably believe that graciousness and chivalry only prevails in books. But don’t worry, we are here to assure that it is not actually true and the hope is still not lost.

This world still possesses true and chivalrous gentlemen that can make your heart skip a beat. As a matter of fact, there are many ways that can deliberately turn a man into the man.

There are many gestures that can turn a chap into prince charming. Today, we have hurt down this list that indicated how a few gestures and acts can melt your heart. Oh! and all the men reading this, take notes!

1. Opening doors:

Well, opening a door seems very ordinary and insignificant, but dear men! Trust me it will melt your lady’s heart like nothing else. A man who is not languid and indolent and gets out of the car to open the door for his lady definitely appears to be a well-mannered kind and attentive.

For him, his love lady is more important than his laziness. I know ladies, this gesture makes you feel comfortable and safe. So yes! every girl gets pleased with this gesture. Even though it seems insignificant at first but it has a huge positive effect on women sitting next to you. She feels wanted and protected by it so why not do it?

2. Saving the last bite of food:

Food is what we love with all our heart. Okay! This may sound clichd that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach but this is kind of true and makes sense. Almost every other man is a foodie, and if a man saves the bite of his food for his woman, that really means a lot.

This gesture will suggest that the man loves her with all his heart and even his food is not as important as she is, especially the last bite, which is believed to be the yummiest of all bites.

Trust us, it’s a great deal. You can melt your lady’s heart with just one bite. Women are very easy-going when it comes to gestures that make them feel loved and wanted. Be that man and save the last bite to make her feel special.

3. Spending a lot of time with her family:

Family is the integral part of our society. We value it because it gives us all the sense of belonging. If a man seems to be genuinely interested in your childhood stories, your cute childhood pictures and everything you have done as a kid, if he spends more time chatting with your grandparents, and helps your mom in kitchen and helps your younger brother in her home work, you cannot question his love and loyalty towards you.

Just think about it! He can go to a club or for a soccer match but he chooses to spend time with your family and works to build and improve his reputation with all of your family members. These small gestures that are revolving around your family clearly signify how much he loves you and respects you.

So dear men! Nothing melt’s your lady’s heart like spending time with her family and giving importance to her family. This is a remarkable gesture in long-term. For example, in low times of your relationship, her family will not think about the situation by one side only. They’ll know how caring and reliable you are and will make her think sanely. So yes! This one helps a lot. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Introducing you to everyone:

Well! This one is a game changer for men. A true gentleman knows that if he takes his lady to the gatherings and doesn’t introduce her to his friends she probably won’t be able to take part in the conversations and will feel left outside and ultimately unwanted and unloved.

Even if you meet a friend whilst walking the street, introduce her to your friend. She won’t feel alien to the entire scenario and would highly appreciate it.

An attentive and caring man would never commit this mistake because he loves and cares about his love lady so definitely he will make an extra effort to make her wanted and loved.

5. Giving presents:

A man who loves you crazily doesn’t need an occasion or a special day to give you a present. Sending flowers to her for no reason will surprise and excite her and she will be really happy and will feel loved an important.

All the men out there reading this, do not hesitate and surprise her with best present. It’s not that, you have to buy a diamond ring for her every week.

You can cook her favorite food item and arrange a simple yet elegant candle light dinner for her. You can write a love letter to her, buy her a pretty dress or anything that can make your lady joyful.

Frankly speaking, women love gifts and things that make them smile and feel treasured.

6. Always helping you to put on a coat:

This one is not about the ability, it’s about the manners. A woman of course can put on her coat herself but when a man does it, he will get admiration as a bonus. It’s just as romantic in real life as depicted in the movies and women totally love it.

So always be there to hold out the coat for her, do not just hold it, give it to her when she is cold. This will show that you care about her health and over all well-being to such an extent that he can bear with the cold weather but won’t let you feel rotten in cold. This sense of love and protection melt’s a woman’s heart like nothing else.

7. Always protect her:

Protection and security in a woman’s right who is in a relationship with you. Failing at providing her protection acutely raises a lot of questions about a man’s manhood.

Of course this doesn’t mean that a man should pick up a fight after every second. It pretty obvious that when a man is walking side by side with a lady, he is determined and brave enough to protect her against any unexpected situation.

This one is an underrated gesture but it is one of the most valuable gestures and women highly appreciate men for this. The sense of security secures and protects your relationship too.В – Continue reading on the next page

8. Kissing forehead:

Physical intimacy is the best way to show your love and affection and what’s better than a kiss? Considering this fact, if a man kisses a woman on her forehead it shows that he is proud to have her and is very attached to her. It also signifies that he’s glad to have her by her side.

As a consequence, this kiss will act as an assurance of his love and credibility. One kiss on forehead can make a woman feel loved and cherished like nothing else. So gentlemen never hold back the kiss and make her feel wanted and special through it.

9 Filling up the gas tank:

Well just like holding on your coat for the lady, this one is also a small yet a powerful gesture. Surprise her by filling up her car’s gas or petrol tank.

This will demonstrate that as a true gentleman you care for her and do not want anything in return for it. This will definitely melt her heart and make her feel loved and cared.

Trust us and never shy away from filling her gas tank, especially on the nights that are chilly.

10. Pause/Stop your game:

Whenever she is around and she needs your attention or she is telling or asking you something, take out some time and give all your attention to her. Listen to her actively and give your response accordingly. Trust us, making a goal in FIFA or assassinating your enemy in GTA is not as important as her.

All she wants from you is your attention at the moment and being a true gentleman you ought to pause it for her and listen to her deliberately. This will yet again make your lady-love feel special and prioritized over anything.

At the end of the day it’s about little things that make big differences. As a true gentle man every man should make an extra effort and cover an extra mile to make his girl feel blessed, wanted and loved. As a true chap make her believe in love, protection and security.

All these gestures mentioned above will brighten up a woman’s day and life-like nothing else. Also, do not shy away from expressing your love through these small and kind gestures. All a woman want from you is love and consideration, be her prince charming, make these gestures and they will surely cheer her up.

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