6 things in men that women find extremely attractive

A good heart > good looks!

A friend of mine wrote this article. It’s for women, by a woman, let’s begin. Yesterday I met a few of my old friends after a long time, one of the friends had met a guy that day and apparently couldn’t exactly explain why she didn’t like him. For her, she said, it was a big NO within half an hour. We asked her a million questions, asking what made her say that but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. That is when the discussion took a whole another turn and we started discussing what basically attracts women to men. So here are a few things most women agreed to. Some are actually quite strange and some are pretty obvious but all of them are true.


Oh! That guy who pulled the chair for you or got the door for you. It’s not that we, women, like men to do things for us and that we want to treat them as slaves, as many argue on that point. Actually, such simple acts just show how much our partners care. We are always told by our partner that they would treat us like princesses but such acts prove it that they would really do that. So, it’s true, if you want to win a girl over, be a gentleman. Trust me, it makes you a 100 times more attractive.


The cutest sight in the world is to see a man helping an elderly person or a little kitten. I know, sounds too bookish, but isn’t that just perfect? A woman is instantly attracted to a man who has a kind heart, just like a man would be for a kind hearted woman. It’s a simple human law. Anyone would like someone humble and kind. So keep doing those little acts of kindness that you do because someone you love might really like that in you, also, because it’s a kind thing to do.


Before I go ahead with this, let me just clear one thing. There is a huge difference between being possessive and being protective. Do not confuse the two. When you ask your girl to stop talking to a close friend just because you think he might fall for her, that’s possessiveness and not cool! But if someone is making your girl uneasy and you stand up for her whether to take her away from that person or to show them that no one can mess with your girl, that’s being protective. Girls love that! When you cherish them the way they are and protect them from changing because of anyone.


A person with a good sense humour is a definite keeper. What more can you ask for when someone makes you laugh all the time. When times are hard and you need to distract yourself or to find something that can help you get back on your feet. There he is, to make you smile and laugh.


Being a girl, I can tell you, it is a definite plus point. No! it is not the deciding factor but it definitely makes a guy more attractive. Not because it’s a clich that we have somehow picked up from movies but because it’s good to see someone being passionate about something. It tells a lot about someone. Players, artists, poets, basically people with passion are understanding towards your hobbies and passions as well.


I don’t think I need to explain this, good smell attracts absolutely anyone. Again, this is not shallow as it seems. A man who smells good, silently, says a lot about his hygiene and how much effort he puts in to look nice for his girl. It’s a simple thing that can actually impress a girl within seconds.

Ladies, talk to me

What is that one quality that you find extremely attractive in your man? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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