Things people in strong relationships NEVER do

It’s undoubtedly hard to function as a couple, you need to work to make good decisions and be appreciative of each other while making sure you never hurt your partner on your way to achieving your own personal goals. Unlike what they show in the movies, it’s not at all easy to be that popular power couple on the block who wakes up early and makes each other breakfast all in less than ten minutes and then leaves for work and comes back home to get ready for a date night. Impractical and unrealistic.

Most couples in real life barely know what flavor juice the other likes drinking in the morning and they can almost never decide on a specific time to wake up together. But there are, of course, certain exceptions, relationships that appear to be stronger than Brad and Angelina’s. There are certain noticeable things these ˜strong’ couples DON’T do that make their bond invincible;

1. They don’t try to make each other jealous.

Once you’ve entered a strong, stable relationship with someone you love, you no longer feel the need to constantly prove your worth by undermining your partner and giving your own achievements more importance.

The last thing you want to be doing to your partner is hurting them and trying to make them jealous is exactly the kind of thing that will hurt them because it can make them feel like they’re not good enough for you and you may run the risk of losing them forever.

2. They don’t pry in each other’s personal business.

Sure, it’s tempting to sometimes just sneak a peek at your partner’s cell phone and that’s something that can’t be reprimanded, as long as you just ask your partner to show you whatever it is that you want to see. But the minute that curiosity turns into a need, you lose all right over ever having you partner’s trust.

Millions of relationships go down the drain all because one of the partners decides that they want to pry into the personal business of the other and if they don’t like what they see then it’s all over. There’s a reason that personal business is called that- because it’s personal.

3. They don’t have to be physically together all the time.

Strong couples can do just fine if separated for some time- they can even quite easily take the relationship to a long distance level should the need arise because they have a strong understanding and trust between each other that no number of miles or hours can break.

4. They don’t feel the need to broadcast their relationship.

To quite simply put it, if you constantly feel the need to keep posting pictures of yourself on Instagram with your partner and changing status to lovey dovey quotes and tagging your partner on Facebook every few seconds, you aren’t mature enough for a serious relationship just yet.

5. They don’t have rules.

They don’t restrict each other from things or people, because they’re not each other’s parents, they’re a couple. These restrictions will only instill feeling of resentment in the couple, you both should automatically know what will and won’t make your partner happy, and you don’t need them to write it down for you.

6. They never insult each other’s families.

No matter how dysfunctional, family is family and aiming to insult your partner’s family is just a low blow that your partner might never forgive you for.

7. They won’t sugarcoat things.

It’s important to have some real people in your life for those moments of obscurity and self-doubt, the best thing in the world is when that person is your very own partner, who’d tell you how it is, no matter how bad. They won’t keep you in the dark over things that you’re doing wrong and people might be laughing at you for because that just goes against the girlfriend/boyfriend code.

8. They never ever publicly embarrass each other.

Even if it’s the littlest of things, strong couples would make sure that their partner isn’t put in any sort of awkward situation where they might feel insecure about themselves.

9. They don’t randomly get mad for no reason.

And even when there is a reason, they don’t refuse to talk about it. Couples in strong relationships don’t hold back when they get angry, they don’t keep any of their frustration and anger inside them, lest it harbours inside them and turns into something else that’s closer to hate. They learn not to take every little thing personally and not to waste any of their precious time together by fighting over inconsequential things.

10. They mostly don’t go to sleep without the other one there.

Even if they’re not actually physically right beside each other, they’re always together in their minds and hearts.

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So, does your relationship have these strong habits? Share your own strong habits with me in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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