20 Things that automatically turn men off

Men, can you relate?

Looks are not everything, especially in the era that we live in. There are some universal turn-offs that are hard-wired into the psyche of 21st-century men.

We have hunt down the most common turn-offs for our women readership:

1. Back-stabbing and Gossiping around

It is an instant turn-off to find out that a woman bad-mouths people behind their back and is always gossiping around about the things that do not concern her.

2. Not in touch with current affairs

Men like to talk about things that are happening in the world. So even if a woman is as attractive as Victoria’s Secret model, he will not be attracted to her if he cannot talk to her about current affairs or at least the hot topics going on in the world.

3. Bad Hygiene and Body Odor

This one is on top of every man’s list. It is an instant turn-off for men even if you are extremely attractive but do not take care of your hygiene. In 2016, there is no excuse for bad hygiene and bad body odor with countless over-the-counter deodorants and body gels

4. Talking about herself all the time

It is an instant turn-off to find out that all a woman does is talk about herself. Men are not into overly self-obsessed women. Instead, they expect to have a two-way conversation where both parties talk about themselves and one another. 

5. Being Materialistic

Men become instantly uninterested in women who care too much about the material things. It is even a bigger turn off when a woman expects him to shower her with expensive gifts and dinners without any special occasion.

6. No clear goals

Most men find it extremely unattractive if a woman has no life or career goals and she no idea what she wants out of life. Women without a progressive lifestyle are a turn-off especially in the 21st century where both men and women are expected to chase their life and career goals.

7. Being too clingy

Overly needy and clingy women are an automatic turn off for most men. They want their partners to have a life of their own, a life that does not revolve around their attention. Moreover, it is a turn-off when men are asked about their whereabouts all the time, and women expect a daily-report from them. 

8. Hanging with the guys a little too often

A man expects to have a certain level of freedom in his life. If you put up a fight every time he occasionally wants to have a night out with his friends, chances are, that sooner or later, he will get badly turned-off and uninterested in making the relationship work.

9. Arguing over everything

All humans cherish peace. Do you expect a man to be attracted to someone who argues with him on even the smallest of things?

10. Not trying to get along with friends and family

This one is important. If a man is attracted to his partner and things are going great, he expects her to at least try to get along with his close friends and family. If she doesn’t even make an effort, he will not be attracted for long.

11. Being a pessimist

Generally, no human being likes someone who is overly pessimistic and always focusing on the negative. Men find it a turn-off when women complain and whine about everything all the time.

12. Forcing him to do things

Men do not like being forced into doing things. Men will only put up with the threats and ultimatums for so long before being completely turned-off from the relationship. There is a difference in convincing them to do things and forcing them to do things and men see this distinction clearly.

13. Communication gap

Men don’t like riddles and they don’t try to pasture women into telling them the issues. Men expect women to be straightforward. They especially hate when women claim to be fine but are actually not. They might deal with it at first, but with time, this flaw in communication will become a turn-off for good.


14. Self-obsessed

Men find it a turn-off when women spend hours getting ready, they also do not appreciate the countless selfies especially at the start of the relationship. If there isn’t a balance of attention, he will definitely be turned off instantly.

15. Cold and inconsiderate

This one is obvious. Men go 0 to turned-off in 0.1 milliseconds if she is cold towards him and is not showing him the needed consideration. Plus, she does not care about how her actions affect him. Men want someone to nurture and consider their emotions on those rare occasions that they do share them.  

16. Cannot take a joke

Naturally, men like to be humorous. They don’t like any woman who takes herself too seriously and cannot take a joke without being offended.

17. Being uptight

Almost all men want their women to be carefree and fun. Being uptight and rigid regarding the social aspects of life is a huge turn-off. If anything, men want their partners to be adventurous and fun-loving.

18. Using the phone all the time

Men do not generally like it when women use their phones constantly while having a conversation with them. There is only so much they bear before getting turned-off entirely.

19. Getting serious too soon

Men like to take things easy. They freak out and get turned off when women talk about marriage and babies way too early in the relationship.

20. Not respecting his opinions

Men are opinionated creatures and they expect their partners to respect those opinions even if they do not agree with them. It is a colossal turn-off when a woman not only argues and tries to change his opinion on things but when she also tries to poke fun at his beliefs.

  1. This is funny as hell. My boyfriend is the one that does all these things. His Longest relationship was 3 months. Mine was 12 years.

  2. Ooooh the fun of it is none of the above related to me I thank God for that. My boyfriend has just start to give me a cold shoulder after I refused to send some dollars.all he wanted was money because he always comes with the problems that need USD to be solved

  3. I think the men have same issues…. if not more. The modern l day men have become more effeminate!

  4. 1# They left off bitching about everything and never happy.
    If you put down the toilet seat it was too fast or too hard or to slow.
    2# Want you to be a mind reader!

  5. RIDICULIOUS. Relationship don’t work by women alone. relationship work two way(meet each other halfway) not one way (men).compromise.

  6. I have a son who is married to all of the above. She is simply never happy. She is dragging and breaking him. Hoping he will say enough and walk.

  7. I’ve known some men that obsesse about themselves and are materialistic. It’s not always the women.

  8. Lol, i think the current affairs one is stupid. I shouldn’t have to like talking about the world to be loved. I HATE talking about the world, it’s all negative, and it’s something I can’t control. Personally, I like to accept things for what they are and be happy. There are things that matter and there are things I can control, I care more about the things that matter and I can control right in the middle. It’s called happiness and growth. Don’t like it? You can suck it.

  9. Pet peeves me when they start talking about are previous conquests in detail. This is not appealing to a woman at all grow up and understand that women don’t want to hear this crap.

  10. When he comes over and all you do is watch tv till 1 of you fall asleep. Then he sneaks off in the middle of the night.

  11. When any gender is not interested, they do things to run it down. Verbal communication, I’m not interested please move along: then it goes to another level if not understood based on logic: perhaps sending a bunch of people to chat for interest: age appropriate is very essential: clean is very essential: looks an being functional is very essential: understanding someone isn’t never interested an still coming physcially is mental retardation. We are all a dime a dozen despite unique! Now what’s real common sense an logic

  12. They should of made “Stfu” number 21 bc some of y’all female don’t know when to just shut your mouths.

  13. So true, I have encountered men that do all these things and try controlling what you say and do and don’t want your opinion! Just theirs! I need a Godly Man that will not do these things and we could worship together and live and laugh together!

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