Things We Should Be Thankful To Our Exes For

Relationships that we broke due to one reason or another were not entirely useless. I know we all hate our exes; I have brutally murdered some of them in my head several times. Do I sound a little psychopathic? I guess I do, but I am crazy when it comes to my exes but you have to admit that even the girl from ‘500 Days of Summer’ taught Joseph-gordon Levitt some important lessons. Poor guy though, fell for April right after 10 minutes of movie time.

A large part of our lives may have been wasted by a person who just wasn’t loyal or something else that’s important but if we look back, we feel certain about some things. It is true that we learn from our past to be prepared for the future. No matter how big of a jerk your ex was or whatever terrible reason you broke up with him, he did clear some things up for you. If it was the beginning of your love life, you may have started with uncertain wants and needs.

You might have been unsure of what you want from a relationship but after you broke up with him, parted ways and forgave and forgot, you must have felt a sense of clarity. There are always some things that our past relationships our exes teach us, some very important things that we forget to thank them for.

1. For Showing What We Need:

Even if there were a hundred things you loved about him, breaking up with him must have taught you a quarter of hundred things, at least. When a relationship is over, we always walk out of it with a clearer vision as to what it is that we need in the next one.

Our exes clear it up for us, unknowingly, that there is a list of things that lacked in our relationship with them which are necessary for a healthy relationship. Compatibility factors also come clear to us the next time we start talking to someone. The past experiences and meetings help us, thanks to our exes.

2. For Showing What We Don’t Need:

Like the best relationship can teach us what we need, the worst ones can teach us what we absolutely need to keep away from. We surely cannot have the perfect relationship since there is nothing such as perfect, but we can learn from our exes that what kind of a relationship it is that we don’t want at all. The habits that annoy us in the other person and what traits come as total deal breakers; our exes teach us that lot.

3. For The Things We Keep:

In spite of the famous ritual of getting rid of all his things after a breakup, we do secretly keep some things. These are not abstract feelings to be thankful to your ex for, these are actual accessories and clothes I am talking about.

After splitting up, his loose shirt or a nice pair of shades or some comfortable socks are left behind that you very much find valuable; not because you are emotionally attached to them but because either they are comfortable or really expensive. We forget to thank our exes for all the things that are ours now.

4. For Letting Us Free:

It is not at all like relationships are constricting and restricting but the ˜bounded’ feeling comes naturally. When opportunity knocks on our door, we think about both ourselves and our partners before opening the door. We care about the impact it will leave on our lover and often let it go. Relationships are full of compromises but when they are over, there is always a sense of freedom felt.

5. For Giving Us a Clearer Vision:

We forget to thank our exes for giving us a clearer vision before leaving us. We often lie to ourselves while being in a relationship that we are completely happy and life cannot be better than this but, actually, there still is a lot more that we miss out on.

We snap back into reality some time after we are single again and realise that there was fog before our eyes. We realise that it is not okay to gain weight and be jobless and not go on that vacation we were dying for. Some things are better done and enjoyed alone.

6. For Finally Letting Us Be Selfish:

We do things in a relationship that would benefit both of us, instead of thinking about ourselves only. It is a completely normal thing to do, being selfish is important too. We put down that job offer in New York and skip gym just to spend mornings with him. The word ˜me’ gets deleted from our dictionary which is not always so healthy. So let us all be thankful to our exes for finally letting us be selfish and think about no one but ourselves!

7. For Giving Us All of that Time:

Along with our emotions that we feel went wasted on that relationship, it is also the wasted time that we cry upon. Months and years pass by and it all ends up blank. After we get over regret, we feel provided with so much time that otherwise would have been wasted. Be grateful to your ex for that.

8. For the Memories:

As much as all the memories are hurtful and disturbing in the beginning of the post-breakup period, they will make you laugh years later when you look back at them. You will think of all the fun you had and how every event that followed shaped you into what you are today. You will be thankful to your ex for giving you all those memories.

Ladies, talk to me

I know you all hate your exes but unintentionally they gave you some very important gifts, don’t you think?

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