This 23-Year-Old Model and Her 63-Year-Old Boyfriend Don’t Care about Their Haters

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Willow Sias is a professional model and has found much success in her career. However, she has been receiving a lot of backlashes recently because of her relationship with a man who is 40 years her senior. The 23-year-old Sias is in a relationship with 63-year-old David Simonini. The couple met on Tinder in February of this year and immediately fell for one another.

However, the two have experienced a star-crossed relationship because of their age gap. Many people in modern society still find it weird for people with significant age gaps to get into romantic relationships with one another. But considering the strength of their love, it doesn’t seem like they’ll let the chatter affect how they feel about one another.

Sweet Beginnings

 “It was a pretty instant connection and we fell in love within an hour.”

Those are the words of Sias as she described her relationship with Simonini. Willow opened up in an interview about how she didn’t have much time to get to know Simonini on their first date. The two had to make the most out of the limited time they had together because of Willow’s commitments. 

“He was my first and only Tinder date, but we had a quick dinner because I had an interview later that night.”

Despite the haste of their first date, Sais and Simonini were able to form an instant connection with one another. Sias mentioned that the two were very much in sync with each other, right down to their food choices.

“We’re like mirrors – our energies mesh really well together and we even eat the same things, which is crazy.”

Sias also talked about how it’s so easy to enjoy each other’s company even when they’re not doing anything exciting or noteworthy.

“Often, we’ll be doing nothing but still laughing and having a good time.”

Keeping Things Going

David works as a professional blackjack player, and Willow has talked about how the two of them get to have such an effortless relationship. They share many common interests even when their careers aren’t precisely aligned.

“I think we really bonded over the experiences and vibes we share, which is mostly what we have in common.”

Admittedly, Willow has had a history of dating older men. In her previous relationships, she was romantically entangled with a 42-year-old and a 37-year-old. But Sias is the oldest that she’s dated, and she claims that she’s happiest with him. In fact, Willow has opened up about the sexual attraction she has for David.

“David has kept his word on everything, which is really sexy to me.

She is also a great admirer of how well he is able to take care of her.

“He makes sure I’m taken care of, comfortable and don’t need anything – which is really big for me.

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  1. Look this guy up followed by the words money laundering. 20 years ago he was up to his neck in trouble with the feds and convicted (2002-2003). He’s a bigger fraud than she. Since they’ve only known each other so long I’ll bet this is something she doesn’t know. If (haha) she’s looking to cash out she might need to look through the smoke to see the mirrors. This guys brother won’t even do business with him.

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