This 27-Year-Old Female Pilot Flies Jumbo Jets

Stereotypes have been around for as long as humanity has, but a slow and gradual shift is happening for the better. Today’s article is about Kim De Klop – a 27-year-old woman who is a pilot and is completely crushing multiple stereotypes in the process!

“I am proud to be a woman in this industry. Proud to be part of the five per cent of women flying around the globe.”

She started her career as a pilot in a small Romanian airline called Blue Air – she was only 21 at the time! During that time, she flew a Boeing 737. After a few years with the airline, she joined Norwegian Airlines.

Before her departure from Blue Air, she posted about her experience:

‘I’m leaving with my head full of amazing memories.’

She met her boyfriend, William, during her time at Norwegian. He was a pilot-in-training. They soon started dating, making them one of the most fantastic power couples we’ve ever mentioned, flying high in the sky.

“It came naturally as we were friends initially,”

Apart from being an excellent pilot who can fly massive Jumbo Jets flawlessly, Kim De Klop is also an Instagrammer – with a considerable following. She loves sharing photos of her experiences and travels from all over the world.

Currently, Kim & William are flying with Challenge Aircargo – where Kim flew a Boeing 747-400. It is one of the biggest planes out there, also called the “Queen of the Sky.”

While talking about stereotypes, she spoke about how people perceive her initially:

‘Often, “are you cabin crew?” is the first question people ask me.

And when I say I am a pilot they ask if I really fly the aircraft.’

We wish Kim nothing but the best for the future and want her to reach whatever goals she’s put in front of her – because she can! More power to you, queen.

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