This Engaged Couple Decided to Have a Child-Free Wedding & People on TikTok Had Mixed Feelings

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Today’s story is about Lauren Ladouceur, she works in the event planning industry and also gives tips to people on her TikTok about their own events and wedding plans. She describes herself as a TYPE A BFF & a 2022 bride.

In November 2021, one of her viewers asked her how to approach the point of not inviting children to a wedding in a way that doesn’t seem inappropriate or rude.

To respond to the question, Lauren posted a video describing her own example and how they decided to not invite children to their wedding.

In the video, she describes how they put this up in the FAQ section of their wedding website in a way that doesn’t seem off-putting or rude to any of the parents. According to Lauren:

“We are choosing not to have children on our wedding so let me show you how we addressed it on our wedding website.”

“Okay, so we decided to address the whole children thing on our wedding website.”

“We have an FAQ section on our wedding website which is where we are addressing kind of all these miscellaneous questions.”

“And honestly, the FAQ part was probably my favorite part of the website because that’s where we’re allowed to set our boundaries and expectations.”

“I’m a very short and sweet type person, like get to the point directly, so here’s how we addressed not bringing kids to the wedding.”

“We said ‘Hey, we love kids, but this is an adult-only affair'”

“Now, you may see that our ring-bearer is invited. This was a family decision that we decided to make but our ring-bearer will be there for our ceremony, he’s going to be the only child and then he’s going to be picked up by someone before it’s time for the reception.”

Although Lauren described her situation flawlessly, her audience on TikTok was on the fence about the way she was handling it – while most people showed support and agreed, some weren’t pleased.

@777lexiiiii said:

“im sorry but if someone invited me to their wedding im not reading no FAQ section”

@panic_strawberry commented:

“As a wedding videographer, I support this decision 100%”

@bueno_gato stated facts:

“Long story short: if you wanna be invited – just do what they say, don’t wear the colours, don’t bring the kids, respect their wishes HAVE FUN.”

@laurahagen20 chimed in:

“Personally I don’t want to go to a wedding WITHOUT kids there. They are the life of the party for me.”

@thirstyonmain said:

“We were the family that couldn’t afford a babysitter so one of us would go and that’s okay! (Yep some ppl have that tight of budget)”

“We still deemed it important and the majority of weddings, only one of us attended. We did the best could to still support our friends!”

You can follow Lauren on TikTok here & Instagram here.

What’s Your Take on This?

Which side are you on? Would you want to take your kids with you to a wedding even if the planner asked nicely not to, or would you happily oblige? Share your take in the comments below!


  1. I’m on the side of the couple… It’s their wedding, and they’re entitled to have the people they want to help them celebrate. Adult parties are not the proper environment for kids, particularly when the parents abandon their responsibility to care for THEIR children. Children do not need to see their parents and other adults drinking or under the influence…

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