This Husband Teaches the Whole World about What True Love & Loyalty Really Means

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Marriages are challenging. No matter how much you might love someone, it isn’t always going to work out for the best. In fact, there are so many people whose relationships and marriages crumble at even the slightest inconvenience.

However, there are some sporadic instances wherein a couples’ love is just so strong that nothing would be able to tear them apart from one another. That’s what happened with Turia Pitt and her husband, Michael Hoskin.

An Ultra-Marathon Gone Wrong

It was more than ten years ago, in 2011, when Turia Pitt participated in the ultra-marathon that would change her life forever, just not in the way she expected. What was supposed to be a joyous celebration of fitness turned into an absolute disaster when a grassfire trapped Turia and nearly took her life.

In an Instagram post that she uploaded in September 2021, Turia opened up about the traumatic incident that took place just a decade prior. She wrote in the caption:

“Ten years on from the fire, this is what I remember,”

“I remember the hot Kimberly sun beating down, burning my already burnt skin.”

She goes into detail about the pain and trauma that she went through:

“I remember trying to drink some water but spitting it out because it was boiling hot,”

“I remember seeing bits of my skin stuck to the rocks and spinifex.”

Fighting for Love

As Pitt was fighting for her life with others stuck in the fire, her thoughts turned to her partner Michael Hoskin. She recounted in her Instagram post:

“I remember thinking about Michael, my Michael,”

“I remember telling myself, ‘Think of his warm face, think of his honey voice, think of his golden skin. Keep thinking about Michael’”

A Thriving Romance

As a result of her injuries sustained from the fire, Turia has undergone around 200 operations. The fire left her with more than 65% of her body covered in severe burns. At that time, doctors weren’t even sure what she would describe. She goes into greater detail about all of her hardships during that time in her personal blog post.

Turia has been through a fierce struggle to pick up the pieces and get her life back together after such a traumatic incident. But it certainly helped that she had such a supportive partner who stuck things out with her. Her then-boyfriend Michael resigned his post as a police officer to take care of Turia full-time.

Fast forward to today – they are now married with two kids. Turia is running again and is even posting about her fitness exploits on her Instagram feed. Of course, she also posts pictures of her beautiful family, which is a testament to the power of true love despite adversity and challenges. The two are still very much in love despite everything they’ve been through and are an inspiration to couples worldwide.

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  1. What and incredible woman, incredible man, and incredible relationship!
    My heart hurts to think of the trauma she went through, and oh my goodness, she is so beautiful!
    I look at the pictures of her and I’m in awe of her beauty (and courage too).

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