This Is How You Know That She Just Isn’t Into You (And You Need To Move On)

The friend zone. Is that really a thing? Is that a legitimate relationship dynamic that two people can share with one another? Or is it a manufactured fantasy that a lot of guys use as an excuse to explain unrequited love and affection? There are plenty of young men all over the world who believe that they are stuck in the friend zone and they are desperately trying to escape it. But the problem with a lot of these boys is that they don’t realize that sometimes, a girl just isn’t into you, and when that happens, you’re just going to have to learn to walk away.

You can’t use the friend zone as an excuse to keep on pursuing her even though she has made it clear that she just doesn’t share the same feelings that you have for her. You have to be able to respect her right to entertain only the men that she’s interested in; and she is also entitled to her personal space. Sometimes, there is such a thing as being overly persistent to the point of harassment. The friend zone is not a real thing. It’s not a place that you end up with a chance of eventually escaping. You aren’t stuck in the friend zone because you acted too nice to a lady.

You aren’t stuck in the friend zone because she just wants to see you work and sweat things out a little bit. Yes, it’s true that she isn’t willing to reciprocate romantic feelings for you – and that happens all of the time to both men and women. But that doesn’t mean that you get the right to keep on going after her even when it’s clearly not meant to be. You need to be able to cut your losses. Sometimes, you just don’t have a chance. And the problem with saying that you’re just in the friend zone is that you think that there is a chance for you to gradually escape that zone.

It’s so frustrating for a lot of women when you act like they’re your friends even when all you really want to do is sleep with them or have a romantic relationship with them. It’s okay to hope for these things to a certain extent; but you can’t be so demanding about it. You can’t feel entitled. If you know that things just aren’t meant to go on a romantic route, you need to be able to accept that. You can’t force the issue with her. You can’t betray her trust like that. She sees you as a friend; and that’s all that she wants you to be. So, if you have no intentions of just wanting to be her friend in return, you might as well just walk out of her life completely.

Come clean with her about how you feel; and if she doesn’t respond in the ways that you want her to respond, just cut yourself from her life until you’re sure you can be okay with just being her friend. Because at the end of the day, the more you hover over her, the more suffocated she’s going to feel. And the longer that you obsess over escaping the friend zone with her, the more time you’re going to end up wasting. Love is always so messy and complicated. It’s rarely ever as simple as most people would expect or want it to be. In fact, a lot of the time, love can be very disappointing.

And it’s disappointment where a lot of unnecessary and unwanted drama can grow and evolve. People set very high expectations when it comes to love; and when these expectations are heightened, there is a higher likelihood for disappointment. And that’s what’s happening with a lot of people nowadays who are in pseudo relationships. You might expect that just because you like a girl, she’s undoubtedly going to like you in return if you put in enough effort. But here’s a news flash for you, not even all of the effort in the world will be enough to get a girl to fall for you if she just isn’t into you.

There are many factors that go into play between two people liking each other and falling in love with one another. And effort only plays one part of it. And you have to recognize that if a girl only sees you as a friend, then that’s probably all you’re ever going to be. And you can’t blame her for that. Just know that it wasn’t in the cards for you – and it’s better for you to move on at that point. There’s really no reason for you to be fixating on a dream that isn’t going to materialize in real life.

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