This Is How You Love A Woman Who Has Suffered A Lot

Ask those who have tried and they’ll tell you: a woman who has suffered a lot in her life isn’t someone who is easy to love. If you just happen to be someone who is weak and fragile, then you shouldn’t even try loving her in the first place. Loving a broken woman is a huge test of persistence, patience, bravery, and emotional strength. It’s going to take a relentless and ruthless kind of love; the kind that doesn’t cower easily. It should be the kind of love that doesn’t crumble underneath all of the pressure. A woman who has been bent and broken a lot in her life is a woman who is going to push you away at the beginning. She’s someone who is going to really test you just show she knows that you’re for real.

She’s someone who is really going to make sure that you have what it takes to be with her; because she has been disappointed by so many men in the past and she’s not going to be able to stand another one. A woman who has been through a lot of suffering in her life is a woman who can be quite sporadic and volatile. She may not always be acting accordingly. She may not always be the way that you want her to be. There will be times where she can seem very gentle and sensitive; but then there will also be times wherein she can be very strong, cold, and distant. She can be something as soothing as warm water, and she can be as striking as the freezing ice.

She can wreak a lot of havoc and destruction into your life; and in those moments, you have to be able to help her weather the storm. She is unpredictable, she can be as a gentle, calm and quiet rain, but she can also be as a hurricane. Make sure to love her when she is the calm rain that falls in time with her tears. You’re going to have to love her, even more, when she’s being difficult; when she’s being such a struggle to be with. She’s afraid of being abandoned. She’s afraid of being left behind. So, you’re just going to have to endure even though she’s going to really push you farther and farther away with all of her might.

She isn’t always going to be the most open person in the world, and you’re going to have a really hard time figuring her out. She isn’t always going to be telling you about her insecurities and her fears; so you’re going to have to make an effort to really read how she’s feeling. And you have to be able to act accordingly. You have to be able to care for her when she needs you even though she doesn’t ask for your help. She is the kind of girl who is going to want to face her demons on her own. She’s going to want to fend off her issues and her worries by herself. However, there will be moments wherein she will humble herself and she will recognize just how weak and beaten she really is. And she’s going to be desperate for your help and support in those times.

You have to love her despite her pride. You have to love her even when she’s being stubborn. You have to love her even when she’s being her usual difficult self. You need to show her that you’re ready to be consistent with her even when she’s being completely unreasonable and unpredictable. You have to be able to give her stability especially when she’s feeling particularly weak and vulnerable. She might be dealing with lots of anxiety in various situations. And you can’t blame her for that. She’s just really bent out of shape. She has a twinge of paranoia in her. She might be strong enough to overcome all of the trials and challenges that life has thrown her way so far; but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel the fear, terror, and dread of a lost child.

She’s going to want to prove her bravery to herself, to you, and to everyone around her. But at the same time, she’s going to want you to hold her hand especially when she feels the most scared. She’s going to want to know that you’re there to catch her if she ever stumbles and falls. She will want to know that you’re going to have her back should the time come where she will no longer be able to carry herself. She wants to know that she can find a genuine partner in you; someone she can always depend on to be there for her no matter how hard things might get. You have to be able to give her a sense of safety and security. You have to reassure her that you’re for real.


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  1. Stability and security in my personal life is the most important thing. To know that I have someone who is there when I don’t have the strength or courage to keep moving forward because being referred to as you know that guy who walked on water(Jesus….yeah mom)….. she can make anything happen image is hard to live up to. So I require someone who can help me feel like I’m special and fragile enough to need protected because they see my heart will give until I have nothing to give myself. I need to feel wanted I the ways I try to make sure I treat anyone I love.

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