This Is How You Turn Yourself Into The Woman He Can’t Afford To Leave

Don’t get the wrong idea. It’s actually really easy to fall in love with a person. That’s why they use the term “fall”. It’s effortless. It’s something that you can’t control.

It’s something that just happens whether you exert effort into it or not. It’s really not all that difficult for people to fall in love. However, staying in love is going to be a completely different story.

It’s a whole other ball game. And it’s infinitely more difficult to keep a man’s love than to just earn it in the first place. When you’re just starting out as a couple, it can feel almost like you’re cheating at life with how easy and seamless everything is.

It’s always exciting to be around this new individual who has made a sudden profound effect on your life. You get to know one another. You learn about one another’s habits and tendencies. You really get deep into each other’s principles, virtues, and values.

But then, you hit a kind of ceiling in your relationship. And that’s when you know that your honeymoon phase is over and the real work has to begin. So, if you’re interested in actually preserving the integrity of your relationship, you need to start putting in the work for your relationship.

You can’t just be a woman who loves your partner anymore. Love isn’t going to be enough to sustain your relationship. You have to turn yourself into a woman he can’t afford to leave.

1. Stay cool, calm, and relaxed.

Just try to keep it cool. The one thing that men hate more than anything else in relationships is drama. That’s why you should always make it a point to keep your cool. Don’t let your emotions be getting the best of you.

2. Showcase your intelligence.

A man is always going to want to stay with the intelligent girl. Sure, you can be pretty and that can grab his attention for the first part.

But if you’re smart, it’s going to keep him coming back for more. He will know that you’re the kind of girl he can always learn from. You would be the kind of girl who would help him grow as a human being.

3. Always be open and honest with him.

You always want him to know that he can trust you. You always want him to feel like he can always rely on you to be telling him the truth at all times.

=That’s why you always want to be honest and transparent with him. You can’t be keeping him in the dark if you want him to trust you. You can’t be making him feel like you are keeping things from him if you want him to stay.

4. Never be withholding of your love and care.

You always want to be taking care of him. Yes, he is a strong man who can hold his own. He is perfectly capable of making it in this life by himself.

He knows that he doesn’t really need your help much but he is still going to want you to make that effort. He is still going to want to see you take care of him. He is going to want to feel cared for.

5. Respect his privacy.

Always make sure that you respect his privacy. Don’t push him to open up to you about something if he isn’t comfortable about it yet. Don’t pry into his messages and his emails without his permission.

If he happens to tell you a secret about himself, then keep it to yourself. Don’t be broadcasting the intimate aspects of your relationship to other people. Always try to stay discreet.

6. Support him in his passions and pursuits.

Always make sure that you are supportive of him. If you are genuinely interested in a long-term relationship, you have to make him feel like you are his number one cheerleader.

You have to show him that you are going to hold his hand if he ever feels intimidated or scared of the challenges in front of him. He needs to know that he can always rely on you to have his back.

7. Give him a reason to laugh.

Throughout the stretch of your relationship, you are going to encounter a lot of challenges and problems – both as a couple and as individuals.

And you’re going to be feeling a lot of stress and pressure as a result of these challenges. That’s why it’s important that the two of you are still able to laugh as much as possible. Maintain a good sense of humor and he’s always going to feel comfortable when he’s around you.

8. Be romantic with him.

Don’t shy away from being romantic with him. He’s going to love it if you are acting all sappy and in love with him. He might make it seem like he’s not really into that stuff.

But he’s going to love it whenever you are unapologetically showcasing your love and affection for him.

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