This Is How Your Body Reacts When You Are In A Relationship With The Wrong Guy

The human body is a wondrous thing – and even the world’s leading scientists are continually discovering new things about how the human body functions every single day. You have to understand that everything that you do in life has a direct impact on your body; and in turn, your body is going to respond to you in either a positive or a negative manner depending on what you do. However, there are just far too many of us who can get lost in all of the chaos and distractions of everyday life; and we fail to see the ways in which our bodies are trying to communicate with us. We have to remember that our body operates on a physical, emotional, and mental plane. And when our mental and emotional senses are overloaded, we tend to neglect the physical tolls that our bodies go through.

This article is going to highlight an example of an emotionally draining and strenuous experience that you might be going through; and how that experience is taking a toll on your physical body. Specifically speaking, if you’re in a relationship with the wrong guy, it can wreak havoc on your emotions; but it can also have effects on your body’s physical behavior as well.

You don’t feel happy when you think about your partner.

The most telling indicator of a person’s happiness is the smile. Everyone knows this. When you are put in positions where you are genuinely smiling; when you don’t have to force a smile, you are in a situation wherein you are genuinely happy. And so if you are thinking about your partner and the state of your relationship, and you don’t find yourself smiling too much, then you should take that as a sign of your unhappiness and distaste for your situation. What’s the point of being in a relationship with someone if it doesn’t make you happy? You are only lying to yourself and to others by choosing to stay in this unfortunate situation.

You feel a lack of self-esteem.

A real healthy relationship should always be empowering you and giving you confidence. It should always be inspiring you to demand more from life because it leads you to believe that you deserve more. A real healthy relationship should empower you to really go after the things that you want out of life and love. A real happy relationship should always motivate you to really make the most out of all of your opportunities. If you feel like you are constantly lacking in confidence and bravery, then your relationship just isn’t really cutting it out for you.

You feel emotionally drained all of the time.

It takes a WHOLE lot of emotional strength and endurance to stay in a relationship that just isn’t right for you. There’s a certain sense of toxicity and imbalance when you are forced to sustain a relationship which you’re not meant to be in. And so, if you’re feeling emotionally drained in all aspects of life, it can be very easy to blame your dysfunctional relationship for it. The emotional burden of sustaining a love that isn’t right for you can really overload your body’s emotional responses.

You don’t put much effort into taking care of yourself anymore.

One of the telling signs that you are in a toxic relationship is when you just refuse to take yourself for granted. A truly happy and healthy relationship is one wherein both people involved are continuously motivated to take care of their physical bodies – for the sake of the individual and the relationship as a whole. You always want to be making sure that you are in the best shape possible for your partner. If not, maybe you shouldn’t be together after all.

You feel physically and emotionally detached from your relationship.


It’s like you’re a mere spectator to your own relationship. You just go with the flow. You aren’t really inclined to take control of things because you’re not truly invested in it. You know it’s a throw-away relationship deep down inside; and that’s why you’re just really putting yourself through the motions.

Your mind has lots of blind spots are a result of misplaced feelings.

We’ve all heard of these kinds of situations before. It’s a classic case of having feelings that are misplaced – and they end up blinding us from the things that we really need to be seeing. You might be thinking that you absolutely need to be in a relationship – and so you end up becoming desperate. You think that it’s better for you to settle for a relationship with someone who doesn’t really make you happy than for you to just stay single. And out of that desperation, you cloud your own logic. You become blind to the things that you typically wouldn’t be tolerating from another human being. Because of your desperation, you become more forgiving of the unforgivable.

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