This Is The Amazingly Unique Australian-Sudanese Model Who Looks Like A Barbie Doll

You probably already know what a Barbie doll is, right? You’ve practically seen their marketing everywhere in movies, TV ads, magazines, and posters at the mall. And if you have ever been around female toddlers and kids, then you would know just how popular they are to that younger generation. And it’s not too hard to see the appeal.

Barbie Dolls are marketed as standards for ideal beauty. And for young minds, that can be a very influential form of marketing. These little girls will dream of wanting to look as amazing and as beautiful as a Barbie doll. And don’t forget about all the little accessories that these dolls have. They have amazing houses, cars, and even boyfriends (yikes!).

It’s no wonder why these Barbie dolls are so popular and impressionable on young little girls. They give these little girls something to aspire to when they grow older. They give these little kids an ideal to strive for as they make their way through life. But to a lot of us adults, a Barbie is merely a plaything. It’s merely a fantasy. It’s ideal.

But to this particular girl who will be the subject of today’s article, it’s not such a fantasy after all.

There is one amazingly unique Australian-Sudanese Model who looks just like a Barbie doll and she has so many men and women drooling after her.

Her name is Nyadak Duckie Thot. She looks so absolutely flawless and her looks are very striking. She resembles a real-life Barbie doll and she’s amazing. When she first started out, she was just like any other model who was striving to make it in the industry. She found some success with her photos being published in a few magazines and print ads every now and then.

But it wasn’t until 2017 when she truly got her big break and her career took a dramatic turn for the better.

She appeared in a photograph that was entitled “Duckie After Dark”. And the photo so beautifully captured the flawless nature of her skin and facial assets. She really did look like a real-life Barbie doll.

The image was so striking and out-of-this-world that a lot of people didn’t realize that they were actually looking at a real human being and not a Barbie doll. The secret sauce that was put into the photograph was actually a particular shooting technique that was employed by those who were in charge of the photo.

They called it the “Barbie Style” of photo capture. And it’s not too hard to see why they called it that.

The beautiful model moved from Southern Sudan to New York to really focus on building her career as a model. And she has found substantial success ever since. She is no incredibly famous and she is making waves in her industry.

She once felt so alone for having such “weird” and “unusual” skin but she is now being praised for how she looks. She is adored for having such a unique face, beautiful big eyes, and a striking skin tone.

Her skin color might even change depending on how the light hits her because of the unusual distribution of Melanin in her body. She can look as pure and as elegant as Ebony and she can also look as raw and as earthy as a swath.

There are hundreds of photos of Duckie all over the internet but people are still having trouble distinguishing whether she’s the one in every photo.

In 2017, Duckie was ridiculed for her hair and for being a woman of color. This is what she had to say about it:

“Being a black woman, we haven’t really been taught how to take care of our natural hair — we’ve only been taught how to hide it. I think hair companies, the media, hairstylists, and the industry itself are to blame. They haven’t made the same efforts to ensure black women are looked after in their most natural form. If you really think about it, it’s the black women on YouTube who have really held it down with their natural hair tutorials. I think they should really take ownership and start to invest in us.


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