This Is The Guy You Should Look For In 2018

2018 is going to be your year!

You shouldn’t be so obsessed with finding the guy who looks like Clooney or Pitt. You should be looking obsessed with looking for a guy whose kindness far exceeds his own good looks. You shouldn’t be so obsessed with looking for a guy who has those rock had abs. You should be looking for a guy whose core strength is built on his emotions and his sensitivity. You shouldn’t be so obsessed with looking for the perfect guy. He doesn’t exist. You should be looking for the guy who is actually within your grasp. You should be looking for a real man the one who, despite his brokenness, would still hold your hand and give you strength whenever you need it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old. It doesn’t matter where you live, who you are, or what you do for a living. Love has its rules and it applies to us all. It knows no gender. It knows no race. It doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints. You could be incredibly kind or you could be incredibly selfish. It doesn’t matter. You are still worthy of love regardless of who you are or how you act.

You have to understand that love is not something that you can force. You can never compel another person to fall in love with you just the way that you would want them to. In fact, not everyone in this world is going to like you when they meet you. And if you don’t know that by now, then you have a lot of growing up to do before you could ever be ready for a relationship. But chances are, you already know that you’re not going to be liked by everyone. And that’s okay. Life is just far too precious for you to be wasting your time trying to get everyone you meet to like you. All you really have to do is project the best version of yourself that you possibly can and hope that people like what they see. It’s important to always strive to be yourself. You can’t be anyone else because when you act fake, people will be able to see right through you. Set goals for yourself. Fight for your dreams. Work hard for the things that you want in life. Don’t force love. Just focus on yourself, and if you are able to do that right, then love will come knocking on your door when you least expect it.

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself single for a really long time. You shouldn’t feel pressured to lower your standards and get into a relationship with just anyone just because everyone else around you is getting into relationships while you’re still single. You have expect that you will go through long stretches of romantic inactivity. And in these moments, you will be at your most vulnerable; you will be at your weakest. You have to fight through that desperation that might be creeping into your life. You have to be able to suppress that anxiety to the best of your abilities. You might have a few dates here and there. Some of them will be fulfilling while others won’t be. There will be times wherein you become interested in someone, and yet you will grow a general dislike for them over time. It happens. You shouldn’t have to feel terrible about that. You just have to be brave and you have to maintain your trust in love.

You have to learn how to be comfortable on your own. You have to start being okay with your loneliness and your solitude. You have to start developing your sense of independence so that you don’t get tempted into jumping right into a relationship that is beneath you. You have to be able to find fulfilment and meaning in your life as an individual as someone who is independent from a relationship (or lack thereof). And once you’ve really mastered the art of loving yourself, then you will be ready to unload all of your love on other people. And this is the kind of guy that you should be giving your love to. This is the guy you should be looking for in 2018.

You should be looking for the guy who has a heart of gold. He never disappoints when it comes to shelling out kindness and understanding. You should look for the guy who doesn’t rely on grand gestures or luxurious gifts to gain your affections. You should look for the guy who doesn’t need to take you on expensive dates to show you a good time. You should look for the guy who will be different from all the guys you have ever met. You should look for the guy who will love you relentlessly, unconditionally, immeasurably.

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