This Is The Only Advice You Will Ever Need For Getting Over A Breakup

Breakups are always a pain in the butt. They can be extremely devastating and they can cause some serious damage to a person’s emotional and mental state of well-being. A lot of us can deal with disappointment in our lives fairly healthily – however, breakups can be a completely different animal. It’s a whole other world of heartbreak that comes when you break up with a person you’re desperately (or were once) in love with. That’s why you should never be so naïve to think that a breakup is always going to be easy to navigate and bounce back from.

When you first fall in love with someone, you do so on a whim. You take a chance on that person without being assured of any kind of outcome. However, you know that the only way to make things work is to give it everything that you’ve got. And you show that you’re willing to do so. You prove that you’re always willing to just give a lot of what you have into your relationship. However, your good intentions don’t always pay off. And when you go through a breakup, it can feel like having your entire world turned upside down. And that is exactly where this article is going to step in. It’s going to help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster that is the aftermath of a breakup.

You don’t have to be too scared. Breakups are difficult, but they’re not impossible to move on from. You just need to make sure that you have a healthy mindset moving forward. So throw everything that you’ve read out the window and just go back to the basics. Here is the only advice that you will ever need to hear about getting over a breakup.

1. Allow yourself to be sad and angry – and then let go.

You can’t be keeping those feelings bottled up inside. You can’t be ignoring them. You can’t just sweep them all under a rug and expect it all to be okay eventually. You’re going to have to find the strength to confront how you feel. And once you’ve processed everything, then it’s time to let it all go.

2. Take this as an opportunity for you to focus on yourself.

Sometimes, you need to be outside of a relationship for you to just really focus on yourself more. Maybe the reason that the relationship didn’t work out was that you needed to do some growing up on your own. And that’s what you can do now that you’re single. Take this as an opportunity to build a better version of you as an individual.

3. Your sense of self-worth shouldn’t be dependent on whether you’re in a relationship or not.

Don’t think that you’re worthless and unloved just because you aren’t in a relationship anymore. You create your own life – and you get to decide how you define and value yourself. Your sense of self-worth shouldn’t be defined by who you date or who loves you.

4. Keep yourself busy and don’t put your life on pause.

Don’t put your life on pause. Don’t be idle. Don’t be stagnant. Keep on moving forward and don’t let this breakup cripple you into doing nothing.

5. Find support in the arms of those who DO love you.

Just because you lost the love of your life doesn’t mean that you aren’t loved. There are still plenty of people in your life who are worth valuing and fighting for. These are the people you need to turn to for support in such a vulnerable time in your life.

6. Focus on the things that make you smile.

Yes, it’s important that you allow yourself to feel all of the negative emotions such as sadness, anger, regret, and disappointment. But you can’t allow yourself to get swallowed up by all of this negativity. You still need to be able to focus on the things in life that are worth being thankful for.

7. Breaking up with someone you’re not meant to be with gives you a chance to find the one you ARE meant to be with.

Just know that the more time you spent in that relationship that wasn’t meant for you the more you would have been depriving yourself of being with the person that you are destined to be with all along. Sometimes, you have to cut some people off to make room for the ones who are meant to be there.

8. Never lose hope in the idea of love and relationships.

Don’t let this breakup keep you from pursuing love in your life. Yes, love is always going to be a risk. However, it should always be a risk that you should be willing to take. The truth is that love is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience with another person, and it’s the one thing in this world that is worth taking a chance on.

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