This Is The Proper Way To Give Your Man Space So He Ends Up Missing You More

Has he asked for space? Don’t hold it against him by making these obvious mistakes.

Your boyfriend has asked you to give him space and you don’t know what to do. You notice that he hasn’t really been his usual self lately. You saw that he hasn’t been replying to your texts so promptly anymore. You saw that he’s been spending more time on his phone rather than engaging with you in a conversation when you’re out on dates. Does that mean that your relationship has taken a turn for the worse? Does that mean that your boyfriend is gradually withdrawing himself from your relationship? Is he slowly starting to close himself off to you?

You start to get very insecure about the state of your relationship. You are frightened. You come up with a lot of theories in your head. Maybe he’s about to break up with you and the anxiety is driving you crazy. And then the day comes where he actually asks you to give him some space. And you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to react. You don’t know what this means for your relationship.

It’s terrifying. Don’t be ashamed for being scared out of your mind by this entire situation especially if it has never happened to you before. You’re panicking and you want to make sure that you play your next moves right or you risk losing him forever. You don’t want to be rash but you don’t want to waste too much time before making a move either. You feel lost and helpless and the uncertainty is killing you.

You know for certain that you don’t want to do anything that will drive him away from you. But how do you go about that? What do you have to do to make sure that you can keep him in your life. He’s gradually starting to pull away from you and you’re scared that that could mean that he’s planning to eventually end things with you on a more permanent basis.

All situations are different and nothing is definitive at this point. So you can’t just assume one particular truth for this scenario Maybe he really is thinking of leaving you and he’s just easing into it. Or maybe he really does just need some temporary space and he’ll come back to you eventually. You really can’t tell for sure and while that can be a cause for worry it can also be a source of hope.

It might be hard to give some general advice that can apply to all situations when it comes to something like this but the universally accepted rule of thumb with this scenario is to let him do what he wants to do. The quickest way to just dive him further away from you is to chase after him. The best way to permanently damage your relationship together is to just not give him the space that he’s asking from you. You have to remember that just because you’re in a relationship together doesn’t mean that you are always going to be entitled to all of his time and attention. If he’s going to ask you for space, regardless of the state that your relationship is in, you’re going to have to respect his wishes if you really want to keep him in your life.

And if you decide to give him that space, really give it to him. Don’t bombard him with constant text messages. Don’t try to make contact with him on social media. Don’t try to reach out to him in an effort to try to assuage your own personal insecurities. You can’t insert yourself in his life if he doesn’t want you there. If you try to force the matter, he is definitely not going to respond to that all too well and you’re going to drive a harder wedge between the both of you.

Yes, it might painful to not be with him whenever you want. Yes, it might make you anxious having to go through your everyday life without knowing what he’s up to or how he’s feeling. It might make you uneasy to be living your own personal life completely oblivious to how he’s living his. But that’s just part of the deal. That’s what space means and you have to be able to respect that if you want to have a shot at making things work with him.

The best thing that you can do at the moment is maintain the hope that he will come back to you eventually. You just have to believe in the strength of your love that will drive him back into your arms. You just have to sit and be patient. And while that can be difficult to do, it’s your only option. Because chasing after him will only violate his wishes; and he will lose all respect for you.

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