This Is The Real Reason Men Run Away When Things Start To Get Serious

You finally meet someone who seems like the real deal. He’s sweeping you off your feet. Everything seems to be going so well. After all of the failed romances and relationships; after all of the futile attempts at pursuing love in this world, you feel like you have finally met the one. You are certain that you’ve finally met that special guy. Everything is going on so well and you don’t think that things could possibly get better for either of you. And then, he’s gone. Just like that.

It’s either he just vanishes from your life completely like a ghost; or he straight up tells you that he can’t do this with you anymore. Maybe he will tell you that he isn’t looking for anything serious right now. Or perhaps he’s going to come up with some excuse that is keeping him from really committing to you. Whatever the case, you know that he’s just making a fool out of you. And so he gets up and leave. And you’re left there with a broken heart; not knowing what to do. You don’t understand what has just happened to you. You feel like you’ve been run over by an emotional truck and your heart is beating outside of your own body.

Why would he go through all of that trouble to date you and woo you if he was only going to leave you so abruptly? Well, if you want the short answer, it’s this: there are just some guys out there who aren’t built for being in really serious relationships. It’s not necessarily your fault. In fact, your relationship might have been doomed from the beginning regardless of what you did or how you acted throughout the duration of it. Some men just go into the dating world looking for casual hookups and short-term flings. They’re just looking to have fun. They’re just looking to pass the time – and they don’t really care about the emotional torment that they put girls through just because they’re bored.

And that might not be fair. Some men might genuinely WANT to be in a serious relationship with a woman when they first start dating. But then these men might let their fears get the best of them and then they might bolt the second that they see that things are starting to get really serious. That’s why it’s important for two people in a relationship to always be on the same page. If you’re dating a guy, you need to be upfront with him about what you want and what you expect out of a relationship. And you need to demand for him to be the same.

You need to know where his head and heart are at so that you don’t get blindsided by anything. It just happens to women in relationships way too often. She thinks that things are going so well with a guy; and then he’s thinking the complete opposite. She’s thinking about the future with him; and he’s thinking about how he’s going to end things with her. It’s sickening. Two people with completely different views of the same situation. And at the end of the day, if you really want something or someone to blame, you can only turn to one word: FEAR.

Men are fearful creatures – especially when it comes to dealing with feelings and emotions. Men are especially fearful when it comes to love and relationships. A lot of men are going to be afraid of the change that comes with relationships. He might be accustomed to a certain way of living and he knows that being in a serious relationship is going to threaten life as he knows it. He wouldn’t want to have to undergo significant changes for love. He likes life the way that it already is. And frankly, he’s afraid that he’s not going to end up liking his life if he chooses to change for you. And so he will choose to stay the same, even if it means having to abandon you in the process.

A lot of men are also afraid of commitment. These are the men who might be ready to commit to their careers, to their hobbies, and to their personal goals. But they might not necessarily be ready to commit to a single woman. Perhaps, he wants to get out there and explore. Maybe he’s still playing the field. Whatever the case, he doesn’t want to tie himself down just yet until he has seen everything that he wants to see.

And lastly, some men are just afraid of getting intimate. Some men are afraid of confronting their own feelings. Some men are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with opening up to another person. Some men are uncomfortable with letting themselves be weak for their women. And so instead of letting themselves be vulnerable, they would rather just run away.


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