This Is Why Strong Girls Are The Ones Who Get So Easily Attached

It doesn’t mater if the relationship you had with one another got hot and heavy or not. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t really get the chance to go deep with your feelings with one another. The very fact that you expressed an interest in her and that you made a move was more than enough. You manage to grab her attention and that did her in. You had her hooked and there was nothing that she could do about it. That’s just really the way that she is. She immediately gets attached to any man who gives her the slightest bit of attention. She is a strong girl who seems to fall in love and grow attached a little too easily.  

All it really took was a simple wink and a smile and you sent her into a downward spiral. That did it in for her. That was enough to make her knees weak and her boots shake. She had here eyes set on you and there was no ungluing her gaze from you. She was hooked. You had her on a leash and she didn’t want out of it. She grew attached to you to the idea of the two of you being together.

Now don’t mistake of branding her with someone who is shallow or as someone who lacks a general resolve to pursue depth and understanding. She didn’t become attached to you just because you had a pretty face. She didn’t become attached to you just because you flashed those pearly whites at her or that you let her gaze deep into your eyes longingly. She didn’t become attached to you because of your strong chin and the subtle ruggedness of your facial stubble. She became attached to you because you actually made her feel significant you actually gave her the validation that she has been desperately looking for in other people. You actually made her feel like she has a place in this world that she has fighting so hard to be a part of since she was born. She is so used to being ignored and overlooked she clung to you the moment you chose to shine the spotlight on her for a bit.

She got attached to you because for a brief moment, she envisioned for herself the possibility of a happy and bright future a future that involved you.

She’s damaged, but aren’t we all? She is broken inside and she’s trying to make the best out of what she’s being given. She has many emotional wounds and scars. She has many weaknesses but that doesn’t mean that she’s weak. She has been let down so many times before by so many different people. But that doesn’t mean that she’s lost hope in the world. That doesn’t mean that she’s lost hope in love and in humanity. She still believes in the power of love in the capacity of people to actually make a positive change with love. The truth is that she has also grown to be bitter. She has loathed people because she expects so much from everyone and they just keep on letting her down. But that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t be willing to welcome anyone into her life with open arms. She still maintains that firm belief in the great powers of positivity. She still thinks that she can leave a profound mark on this world with her positive energy. She still maintains the hope that eventually, her belief in people is going to pay off for her substantially.

And she subtly hopes that you’re the person who is going to validate the beliefs and principles she holds so dearly to her heart.

She still clings to the hope that the guy who actually smiled at her when they first met is going to be the boy who brings her the happiness that she has been seeking for the longest time. She is hoping that the man who sent her flowers on a random day just to bring a smile to her face is going to be the man who will be responsible for the thousands of smiles she is going to have in her lifetime. She clings to the hope that you will bring to reality everything that she has been dreaming up of in her fantasies.

So don’t think that she’s weak just for getting so attached to you. It takes a great deal of strength to come back from a letdown. It takes a great deal of strength to recover from being disappointed by something you become so invested and attached to. It takes a great deal of strength to rise from the adversity of heartbreak and despair. But that’s what she’s doing. She’s allowing herself to become attached and vulnerable because she knows that she’s strong enough to take it if things don’t work out.

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