This Is The Reason Why A Lot Of Great Women Fall For Terrible Men

Why do most women choose to fall for the bad guys?

You’ve probably paid witness to this scenario before. In fact, it happens way more often than people typically think it would. You see an amazingly kind, sweet, smart, and caring woman fall for a guy who is absolutely none of those things. In fact, it’s like she’s practically dating her polar opposite. Sure, you’ve heard of the phrase that opposites attract. But you still can’t manage to wrap your head around the fact that such a great woman would choose to settle with a guy who barely even makes the cut of passing as average. He’s less than average. He’s downright terrible and toxic. He’s bad for her and for everyone who comes into contact with him.

So why does this seem to happen all too often? What magical spell do these terrible men cast on such amazing ladies to get them to fall in love? It has got to be magic, right? There’s no logical explanation for all of this, is there?

Well, there is. In fact, here are six of them:

1. Plenty of great women are still insecure about their own worth.

There are plenty of very perceptive women who have a great eye for finding the great qualities in other people and objects but they might not actually be able to see the greatness in themselves. A lot of these great women are too humble to a fault. They don’t think themselves worthy of amazing relationships and great guys because they don’t really see their own sense of self-worth.

2. Some women just make the mistake of falling into a bad habit of attracting terrible men.

It’s like an endless cycle that not a lot of women are able to break out of on their own. They date one guy who just happens to be so bad for them and on some subconscious level, she keeps on dating the same kind of guy while also expecting a different result. It takes a great deal of strength and self-awareness for a woman to just demand better for herself. One has to always decide for herself to put a stop to all of this destructive relationship madness.

3. They are too shy to actually demand for the things that they deserve in a relationship.

A lot of great women are too humble to think that they are automatically entitled to being treated well in a relationship. They will excuse poor behavior on the part of their partners because they think that these men have the right to be imperfect and they must be forgiven. And so she will end up lowering her standards and her expectations instead of actually demanding that her man should make the effort to step up to her level.

4. Some women are too hard on themselves to the point where they think they aren’t deserving of happiness.

There are many psychological contributors and factors that could trigger this kind of philosophy within a woman. Perhaps she has done something in her past which she has yet to forgive herself for. Maybe she just generally believes that genuine happiness is something that is unattainable and we shouldn’t aspire to anymore. Regardless, she thinks that she isn’t deserving of happiness and so she settles for someone who makes her unhappy instead.

5. A lot of women with trust issues would rather be with a predictable bad guy than the good man who eventually lets her down.

It happens a lot. She hypes a man up in her head to great extremities. She leads herself to believe that he is the one she is meant to be with for the rest of her life. She allows herself to become vulnerable and she falls in love with him. But somewhere along the line, he starts to disappoint her. He breaks her and he betrays her. This is a man she gave her entire heart and soul to and he let her down. And because of that, she has developed trust issues. She doesn’t want to be surprisingly let down by a man she was expecting so much from. And so she will choose to settle for a terrible man she can expect to let her down on a consistent basis. That way, she takes the surprise factor away.

6. Plenty of women will allow their men to make them think that they need to change who they are in order to be loved.

There are plenty of terrible guys out there who are like this. They will be withholding of their approval. They will make their women chase after the validation that they so desperately need but they will never give it to them. These men know that the more that they withhold their appreciation for their women, the weaker her spirit becomes. And so he does this consistently to the point where he actually makes her believe that she isn’t worthy of love until she changes herself.

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  1. You are spot on. Married a horrible man forty years ago I don’t know why He’s not tall not good looking had no money. I just finished college had my own car and apartment

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