This Is The Reason Why You Should Never Treat Your Boyfriend Like A Girlfriend

Don’t believe everything that you see in the movies and read about in romance books. When are you ever going to learn that real life is never going to be like that? In the movies and the books, they never really accurately portray the differences between men and women – and that could be potentially fatal to any relationship. Yes, you want your own personal prince charming because you have dreams of being a princess yourself. You want a boyfriend who treats you like a true gentleman; someone who is never going to stop loving you the way that you deserve to be loved. But you also have to understand that your man can’t be perfect.

He’s not going to be the guy who will right ALL the wrongs in your life. He can’t be the only person that you turn to for EVERYTHING. Your boyfriend loves you; and he’s going to try to be and do as much as he can for you. But he also has his limits; and you need to be able to understand that. There are things that you can turn to your boyfriend for; but there are also things that he’s just not equipped to handle as your boyfriend. And that’s what you have your girlfriends for.

As you were growing up, you probably thought that you would eventually grow up to marry the perfect guy. You probably believed that you would marry someone who would be everything you could possibly ever want or need out of a person. You held on to this fantasy for as long as you could when you were younger. And then you started dating in your 20s, and you suddenly grew to realize that maybe it wouldn’t be as easy as you thought. And the older and more experienced you get, the more that you realize that having that one person you can turn to for everything is practically impossible. He just doesn’t exist.

And if you continue to cling to that belief, you risk ending up having driven all of your men away. And that’s the truth. The reality of the situation is that men and women are just wired differently. And as more and more people walk into your life, you have to keep in mind that not a single person is going to be able to meet all of your needs. Sure; you could be dating the smartest, bravest, and most hard working guy you know. But he’s going to have his flaws. He’s going to have his shortcomings. There are some things that he won’t be able to do – and that’s where you need to turn to your friends. You can’t force your man to be EVERYTHING for you. It’s just not possible.

And just because he can’t be everything for you doesn’t mean that you should just dump him. Just because he can’t be the guy that you DREAMED him up to be doesn’t give you the right to leave him. He might be really smart and caring towards you; but what if he’s just not good at giving advice? Does that mean you can’t date him anymore? Nope. You should just turn to your girlfriends for advice. Turn to your parents or your siblings. The point here is that you shouldn’t be expecting him to be the Superman for you. There are certain needs that you have which he is just plain unwilling or incapable of meeting. And you’re just going to have to learn to accept that.

As human beings we are all programmed very differently. Men and women aren’t always going to see eye to eye on everything; they aren’t always going to be operating on the same page. And science has pretty much already affirmed this theory. Women are more in touch with their feelings; and therefore, they are also more expressive about how they feel. Men typically tend not to confront their feelings inside and that’s what makes them seem very closed off. Men tend to be more analytical, methodical, and logical. Women tend to be more expressive, empathetic, sensitive, and emotional.

These are all just very fundamental differences between men and women. And that’s why you can’t expect your guy to meet all of your needs purely because… he’s a guy. There are some jobs in life that he just isn’t suited for. Yes, he can try his best to be there for you on an emotional level; but if he has trouble confronting his own feelings, what makes you think he’s going to be of much help to you? You have to recognize that he’s not going to do everything perfectly; and that’s why you have other people in your life to help make your living experience a more complete one.

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