This Is The Woman She Turned Into After You Broke Her

You first came into her life and she welcomed you with open arms. She opened her heart to you even if she knew that there was a real chance that you would end up hurting her. She decided to give you as much of herself as she could give. And in spite of how much she trusted you, you just decided to discard her heart to the side. You just threw away an opportunity to reciprocate all of the love that she gave you. You took her heart, ripped it out of her chest, and you tore it all into a million pieces. You broke her in ways that she never imagined.

All she ever asked for was to be loved and valued the way that she deserved. It’s all she ever asked from you. And you should know that she wasn’t asking you for too much considering what she was giving to you. She wasn’t being unreasonable. You were just being selfish and inconsiderate. She wasn’t’ being unfair. You were just being despicable and heartless.

She was a girl who always treated you with so much love, respect, and admiration. She was always so quick to compromise her own needs and wishes in favor of yours. She was always so quick to jump to resolve the problems in your life even when she neglected her own. You were practically everything to this girl and she was so proud to be of service to you. And you just threw all of that to the side. You were so eager to just trample on her heart and destroy her ego. You let your pride get the best of you and you never repaid her any of her kindness and generosity. You shattered all of her hopes and dreams. You destroyed her confidence and self-esteem. You deprived her of the very simple happiness that she wanted from you. And does it make you happy to know that?

She never really did anything to deserve to be treated the way that you treated her. She never really deserved to have to bear with all of the crap that you gave her. She was the kind of girl who always made it so easy for people to love, adore, and respect her. But somehow, with you, that was never the case. You were just too blind to see how good you had it with her.

Plenty of people are going to accuse her of being weak. They will say that she should have stood up for herself and demanded what she wanted from you and your relationship. They will say that maybe it’s her fault for allowing a guy like you to just treat her that way. They might say that she should have shown more resilience and courage. They will say that maybe she shouldn’t have allowed herself to become a victim of your emotional and mental abuse. Some will say that her own suffering was her own fault. But they are wrong. She is the victim in this situation and the victim is never to blame. You are the culprit here. You are the one who is in the wrong. And it really wasn’t easy for her to stand up for herself. You didn’t make it easy for her.

She knew all along that things were far from perfect in your relationship. She knew that you weren’t the man she needed you to be. She knew that the relationship that she was trying to force wasn’t the one that was meant for her after all. There was a nagging voice inside of her head telling her to run for the hills. She was always debating whether to leave you or to stay. And she just couldn’t bring herself to leave you. For the longest time, she chose to stay and fight. She fell into the toxic and manipulative trap that you set out for her. You got under her skin and you practically had her doing anything that you wanted her to do.

But after you broke her into a million little pieces, it did something to her. It changed her ands he was never the same after that. You turned her into a completely different woman. She is now someone who tries to guard her heart. She no longer tolerates bad treatment from guys that she meets. She is now someone who finds it difficult to trust those around her. She has commitment and trust issues because of you. She is now someone who puts on a fake face. She has ceased being honest because that is all she ever was to you and she didn’t have anything good to show for it. But worst of all, she is now a girl who no longer believes in the power of love. She loved you with all of her heart and you did nothing for her.

  1. Wow that is exactly the kind of relationship i just got out of and its exactly how i feel right now along with so many other things but he’s not the first one to do this to me but he will definitely be the last

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