This Is What Guys Really Think Of Your Makeup

Do you seriously think that guys don’t care about the way that you wear your makeup? Well, you definitely thought wrong. They might not really understand all the intricacies behind all the makeup techniques that you know by heart. They might not really understand just how complicated it is to get everything done right.

But that’s okay. You shouldn’t expect them to understand any of them anyway. However, just because they don’t understand how it works doesn’t mean that they won’t have an opinion about how you wear your own makeup. Here are a few opinions from real guys on makeup.

“I personally think that a woman who wears too much makeup just makes her look really horrible. I don’t mind when a woman wears just the right amount of makeup to highlight her natural facial features. However, so many women are treating their faces like literal canvases these days. The splash on too much pain on their faces to the point that all of it looks so manufactured and artificial. And the worst part about having an artificial kind of look is that it’s so generic nowadays. They don’t set themselves apart anymore.”

–Glenn, 49

“Less is definitely more. You never want to be going overboard with the makeup. You have to understand that real beauty comes from within. And if you feel like you need to rely on hundreds of layers of makeup for you to feel beautiful, then you’ve already put yourself at a disadvantage. Own up to how you really look and work it to the best of your abilities. Don’t shy away from who you really are and what you really look like.”

— Adrian, 35

“I have had three very important romantic relationships in my life. And all three of the women that I have been with are naturally beautiful creatures. So, of course, I always encouraged them to not put on too much makeup. I feel like I was able to do my part in building up their confidence in their own natural looks to the point that they never really felt the need to put on makeup anymore.”

— Ira, 56

“Well, this is my take on it: if I love a girl even when she’s wearing nothing but sweatpants and an oversized shirt, then she can definitely pull off the “no makeup” look. Yes, it’s nice whenever girls feel like they need to put on the extra effort to look good for the guys. But at the end of the day, true love is going to transcend mere physical beauty. Whether or not a girl wears makeup becomes irrelevant in a relationship that is built on unconditional love.”

— Andy, 28

“Truth be told, I love being able to look at girls who have really pretty makeup. I know that it is a true art form that some women spend years trying to perfect. However, like most other guys, I also hate it whenever it becomes a little excessive. I think that makeup shouldn’t really be the star of the show. It should serve the mere purpose of highlighting the real star – the person underneath it all.”

— Brian, 42

“My opinion is that girls should always try to keep it simple and natural. I would never want to be getting romantically involved with someone who looks like a clown. As harsh as it sounds, I’m just trying to be honest. There are so many girls out there who splash on so many colors on their faces that it becomes near impossible to take them seriously.”

— Lewis, 39

“I once saw a picture of my mother and her friends when they were in their early twenties. I always thought that these were some of the most beautiful women I had ever laid my eyes on. And there was one thing that they all had in common – they were simple. They were all natural. They didn’t overdo it with the eyeliner or the mascara. They were their true selves and they were so proud of it. And I think that’s what being attractive really boils down to. It’s about owning up to who you really are.”

— Rondrick, 38

“I am not really against makeup per se. I see it as a tool. It can either go your way or it won’t. It can be used to enhance a woman’s features. But it can also destroy the entire image as a whole. But the general rule of thumb is that when you’re in doubt, always remember that less is more.”

— Earl, 30

“I understand that most women only put on makeup for themselves. It’s a form of artistic expression. However, I still believe that there’s no need to be excessive about it. I would much prefer a girl who doesn’t feel so compelled to prove herself with her looks.”

— John, 24

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