This Is What He Really Means When He Calls You Cute, Sexy, Or Beautiful

Naturally, all men are going to be different. There might be different shades of personalities out there and it might be very difficult for you as a woman to navigate your way through a guy’s feelings.

As a woman, you’re going to have your own different preferences as well. For instance, you might know a couple of people who find it offensive whenever men refer to them as sexy.

They might be people who are uncomfortable whenever they’re just being admired for their sex appeal. But there are also going to be some other women who get a real kick out of being called sexy by the men that they are with.

It might give them a really big confidence boost to know that other men find them sexy. There are some people who like to be referred to as cute.

There are some women who would like to be called beautiful. Well, maybe all women want to be referred to as cute and beautiful. But all women are going to take these words to mean different things. It’s never going to be the same to every single woman. And it’s like that with men as well.

Men are going to go through different moods and they will handle different situations in their own specific ways depending on their personalities.

You also have to consider a guy’s age and everything that he has experienced in his life in order for you to really figure out what he means when he says certain things. However, if you’re feeling lost and you need some help deciphering what your man really means when he says certain things, then this article is for you.

Well, it’s going to focus on three words in particular, but you probably already know what they are based on the title. So, without much further ado, this is what your man really means when he calls you cute, sexy, or beautiful.

1. Cute is simple and it’s an opener.

“Cute” is a very easy compliment to throw around because most women aren’t typically intimidated by it. So, whenever a man is just trying to get to know a woman for the first time, it’s likely that he is going to go for “cute” as an introductory compliment.

There’s a lot of rhyme and reason that goes into this. Imagine having a man come up to you and tell you that you’re really sexy. You don’t know this man. And he is very forward with the way that he approaches you. How do you feel? Well, you might get shocked at first and you are likely to find him really creepy.

You might say that he’s a pervert and you automatically assume that he just wants you for your body. However, if a guy approaches you and tells you that you look cute, it’s likely that you would feel giddy. There’s a certain ambiguity surrounding that word which makes it a favorite among guys.

You can’t really tell if he means that you have a cute aura, if you have cute facial features, or if you just have a plainly cute personality. It reels you in and it keeps you hooked. This is the term guys use when they want to grab a hold of your attention.

2. Sexy is going to have many layers to it.

Most of the time with the language, there is always going to be so much more going on underneath the surface. You aren’t always going to know what he means when he calls you sexy.

You might assume that he calls you sexy because he wants to compliment you on your tight body or your alluring facial features. But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, a woman can just be naturally sexy not because of the way she looks but because of the way that she is. It might be because of the way that you just present yourself.

It might just be the total package. Sexy isn’t going to be about how big your boobs are. It’s not about how shapely your butt is. It’s not always about the natural curves that your body may have.

It can also be about the kind of soul that you have and how you choose to portray your personality to the rest of the world.

3. Beautiful is the ultimate.

This is the word that might be the most endearing and it’s because it carries the deepest meaning. Whenever a man decides to call you beautiful, it’s because he finds that you have the ultimate combination of cute and sexy.

You are someone he considers to be a beautiful soul; a beautiful human being he can actually connect with. He calls you beautiful because he is deeply appreciative of the many facets of your personality.

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