This Is What It Means If You Still Have Sex With Your Ex Boyfriend

Sometimes, relationships end but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the feelings go away just as instantaneously. It’s very common for relationships to end despite the fact that the people involved in the breakup still have feelings for one another. That’s not a rare occurrence. A lot of the time, relationships end not because people fall out of love with one another. They end because of some irreconcilable differences or unresolvable issues. And when that’s the case, that often means that people are forced to say goodbye to one another even if they still have feelings for each other.

And maybe that’s the situation that you and your ex found yourselves in. Maybe you just needed to call it quits in spite of the fact that you still had feelings for each other. And after the breakup, you knew that it was time for you to buck up and move on. But it wasn’t exactly that easy for you to do so. In fact, you might have even slipped. You might have fallen off the wagon. You might have made the mistake of going back to your ex instead of moving on from them. Instead of looking forward to the future, you jumped into the sack with your ex. You had intimate moments in the bedroom. But you didn’t necessarily get back together and so you’re confused by the whole situation.

What does it mean that the both of you engaged in sexual relations after your breakup? What does it mean that your partner and yourself still have some kind of sexual energy still going on? Why is it your partner hasn’t asked to get back together with you? Does this mean that you still have feelings for one another? Does this mean that you haven’t really moved on just yet? Are you going to make a habit or a pastime out of this affair that you are having? How do you go about talking about this situation? What if he’s just using you for sex? What if you’re the one who is using him for sex? What does it all mean?

There are a lot of complicated questions here and they all require answers if you really want peace of mind. But ultimately, the answer isn’t going to be complicated at all. If you gave in to the idea of having sex with him even though you’re broken up, then it’s likely that you still have feelings for him. You are still so drawn to him. You are still so attracted to him. You haven’t really moved on from your breakup and you were practically just waiting for him to make the moves on you again. And you might be gaining some false hopes right now so you better make sure that you control yourself. You don’t want to be getting all riled up over nothing. You don’t want to be heightening your expectations for no reason. Because chances are if you haven’t talked about getting back together, he’s not really interested in doing so.

The truth is that a man is not going to be coy about wanting to get back together with you if he truly wanted to. If he genuinely wants to give things another try in your relationship, he would let you know about it. He would be aggressive in his pursuit to win you back. But if he’s acting very ambiguous and vague about his intentions, then that isn’t by accident. He’s really doing that on purpose because he doesn’t want to give you anything definitive. He doesn’t want to make you think that he’s really going to get back into a relationship with you. That’s why you need to police yourself.

Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in all the hysteria of the moment. Don’t be so eager to put your heart out on the line for this guy. You don’t want to be taking such a grand risk on something so ambiguous and unclear. You don’t want to end up making a fool of yourself by acting too rashly and hastily. You want to be smart about this. You want to make sure that you keep yourself guarded and protected.

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