This Is What It Means To Really Commit To Someone

When you genuinely commit to someone, then you give up all your days of being flirtatious with other people.

Commitment isn’t just about being able to sit still and keep your eyes locked on your partner’s. It’s not merely about ignoring the temptations of the world. It’s not merely about saying no to all the opportunities for infidelity and unfaithfulness. Commitment is so much more than just choosing to go home to a single person every night. It means so much more than just locking lips with this one particular individual. Commitment is not just some exclusive physical bond between two people. Commitment is the establishment of an exclusive emotional connection with another person. 

When you commit to someone, you no longer feel the need to have any of those dating apps on your smart phone because you know that you don’t need an app to find the love of your life you’ve already found that one person who has stolen your heart. When you commit to someone, you are genuinely happy with that person and you wouldn’t even entertain the thought of being a two-timer. When you really commit to a relationship, then you eliminate all the possibilities of engaging in a relationship with other people. That’s what real commitment is supposed to look like and that’s what it really is.

When you genuinely commit to someone, then you give up all your days of being flirtatious with other people. You no longer see love and romance as a game you have to win because you’ve already won by finding your soulmate. When you are really committed to someone, then you automatically shut down any advances that are made on you by any third parties. You mechanically wear the badge of commitment on your chest by saying that you are taken and that you are off the market. You don’t want to entertain anyone new because all of the space in your heart has already been filled up by this one particular person. When you are in a real committed relationship with someone, then you don’t take part in any foolish monkey business outside of the relationship. You don’t want to lead other people on just for the hell of it. You don’t feel the need to have other people become attracted to you because the attraction from your partner is always more than enough.

Practicing real commitment means that you never hide your relationship status from other people. You proudly wear it like a medal around your neck for all the world to see. You never want to give other people the idea that your relationship is rocky or that you’re available for stealing. You are unavailable. You are taken and you are proud of it. You are officially off the market and you want to make it known to the world. You don’t need all of those minuscule confidence boosters from external sources because the confidence boost that you get from your partner is more than enough. You are committed to the idea of your partner and no one else. That’s what real commitment is. 

When you choose to really commit to someone, then you are practically giving up a huge bulk of your privacy and individuality. It means that you are willing to share a huge part of your life with another person. It means that you have to be committed to being honest to that person at all times even when the truth hurts or inconveniences you. Being committed to someone means that you allow yourself to be open at all hours of the day. It means that you are supposed to be receptive of anything your partner might want or have to say to you. Being in a committed relationship means that you respect each other enough to actually tell each other the truth at all times.

To be committed to another person is a very difficult thing, but it’s not entirely impossible. When you are genuinely committed to someone else, then it means you have to constantly make an effort to know more about the person that you’re with. Being committed means that you are open to making the necessary adjustments just to make your partner happy. Being committed means that you are willing to make a few compromises here and there for the sake of the relationship. You are both constantly working tirelessly just to make sure that your relationship stays afloat no matter how difficult it gets. That’s what genuine commitment looks like. You never tire of putting in the work for one another.

Lastly, being committed in a relationship means being able to trust one another’s freedom. You have to commit to the idea of both the self and the relationship. You have to be able to respect each other’s individuality if you really want to commit to one another. Commitment isn’t something that can be perfect right off the bat. It has to be built. It has to be worked on. But at the end of the day, all relationships will always thrive on pure commitment. 

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