This Is What True Love Really Looks Like Because It’s More Than Just Hugs And Kisses

True love isn’t always going to be like how you see it in the movies or how you read about in the books.

True love is so much more than just sleeping in the same room on the same bed every single night. It means so much more than constantly posting shared selfies and declarations of love on social media all the time. True love shouldn’t be relegated to something as simple as a Facebook status or an Instagram post.

True love means getting constant anxiety attacks whenever your partner can’t reply to you or answer the phone right away when they’re busy because you’re too scared when you think about anything bad that could happen to them. True love means slight paranoia because you don’t want to end up losing the person who is most important to you in this world.

True love means getting nervous when you’re around one another because you always want to make sure that you are on your best behavior whenever you’re together. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, you still give each other butterflies and you still cause palpitations. True love means being comfortable with that kind of emotional discomfort. True love means being able to find stability and consistency in your sporadic feelings.

True love means making sure that you are always looking out for one another and freaking out whenever someone does something stupid because you would never want your partner to get hurt under any circumstances. True love means being protective but it also means being able to respect your partner’s individuality and freedom. True love means being able to walk that fine line between coddling and suffocation.

True love means not being able to go to sleep at night because your partner is out of town for a business trip and you’re not used to feeling the warmth of their bodies beside your own. You don’t know what to do with all of that extra real estate on your bed and so you just end up tossing and turning all night as you count down the minutes to when you can finally be together again.

True love means genuinely paying attention to one another. It’s so much more than the typical how was your day? and it was fine kind of conversations. True love means genuinely making an effort to really pay attention to the details and to remember all of the facts. It means really interacting whenever you’re engaged in a discussion. It means asking important questions and empathizing whenever there’s a need to do so. True love isn’t just about being able to say whatever you want to say to one another, but it’s also the ability to really hear what the other is saying.

True love isn’t about getting the most lavish, luxurious, and expensive birthday or Christmas gift for your partner. But it’s all about being able to make your partner feel loved and remembered with simple and meaningful gestures every single day that you’re together. Sometimes, it’s about the frequency and depth, and not just about the price tag.

True love isn’t always going to be like how you see it in the movies or how you read about in the books. True love is a lot messier than that. Real life is a lot sloppier than the stuff that’s written on a script. And that’s what makes true love so much more genuine and beautiful. It’s the ability to love despite all of the sloppiness and the irregularities. True love is all about still being able to love one another despite the difficulties. True love is so much more than just being happy during the easiest phases of life. True love is more about being abe to weather the storm with one another no matter how strong the winds may be. True love is being able to navigate your way back to share against all odds. That’s when love is its most beautiful. It’s not about those moments where you have perfect picnics under the bright sunshine. It’s about how strongly you can still love each other even when there are strong rains, floods, and mass hysteria around you. Love is at its strongest when things are at their most difficult.

And lastly, true love is more than just about how you your partner is able to make you feel. True love is also about how much better you are going to feel about yourself. It’s so much more than what you’re able to bring to the table, but it’s all about the kind of person that you become because of this love. True love always has the power to lift people up to become the best versions of themselves. And so if you feel like you are at a place in your life where you have never been, then you know that you are truly experiencing the love that so many people are trying to pursue in life.

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