This Is What You Need To Do To Make A Virgo-Aquarius Relationship Work

When you get a Virgo and an Aquarius into a room together, you are going to combine two of the most independent personalities out of all the Zodiac signs. These are two Zodiac signs that tend to embrace living the single life without a partner. They are fiercely independent to the point that they are sometimes off-putting to the people that they meet. So what happens when an Aquarius and a Virgo actually engage in a romantic relationship with one another? What exactly do you need to do for two independent souls to make an intimate relationship work?

Of course, the challenge is there and it’s quite plain to see. However, nothing is ever impossible when it comes to love. And it’s always possible for a Virgo and Aquarius to make a long-lasting romantic relationship work out. They might not seem like people who actually NEED relationships to have a sense of meaning and completion in life.

But no one ever really helps who they fall in love with – and it’s perfectly normal for any human being to crave for love in some shape or form. It’s not going to be easy having two strong personalities dominate a relationship with their selfishness. But love was never designed to be easy anyway. And if there’s one thing we know about love is that it’s definitely worth fighting for. Here are a few tips to actually making a Virgo-Aquarius relationship work.

1. Become more intimate through communication.

As two independent souls, you might not find it so natural to just open your life up to another person. But the only way you can ever really have an intimate relationship is if you always communicate with one another. You need to open up more if you’re going to get closer to one another.

2. Never be afraid to speak your truth.

Never feel like you have to silence or censor yourself for the sake of your partner. You are both strong and independent beings who don’t need protection from your own feelings. You are both mature and intelligent enough to always hear the other out anyway.

3. Always maintain an open mind.

Yes, you might be very intelligent, but that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be right. You’re in a relationship with another intelligent being and you have to open yourself up to the possibility that they’re going to be correct in a matter where you’re wrong. Be more open-minded.

4. Leave your ego at the door.

There should be no room for pride or ego in this kind of relationship. You both have very strong alpha personalities. And when you let your egos get in the way, you are going to clash all of the time. And it’s difficult to get over clashes, disagreements, and fights when you’re letting your ego get the best of you.

5. Find something that both of you can be productive in.

It’s always nice when you are both able to bond with one another over something. And the thing about the two of you is that you are both so hardworking and resilient. You are always looking for something to stay productive in – and when you are able to do that as a couple, you get to really bond and connect.

6. Always stay honest and true with each other.

You should always make it a point to stay honest and true with one another. The both of you are very BIG on loyalty and trust. And if either of you finds out about being lied to, then you’re going to throw a fit. To both of you, dishonesty is one of the biggest sins in any kind of relationship. It can be a hard blow to recover from.

7. Don’t be needy or clingy.

You can’t be so clingy to the point that you are actually holding your partner back and suffocating them. You are both independent souls and you can’t afford to be acting clingy or needy if you want to truly keep the peace in the relationship.

8. Learn to get into each other’s interests.

You aren’t always going to like the same things – but when you are able to find common ground on something, really try to build on that. Find new things that the two of you can really connect on as a couple.

9. Be as giving as possible.

In this kind of relationship, both of you are going to have to learn the art of the compromise. Both of you are going to have to learn to be okay with the idea of not always getting what you want. And that’s a small price to pay for receiving another person’s love.

10. Respect each other’s need for occasional space and privacy.

Maintain your individuality. And respect your partner’s need for some space and privacy as well. This is one of the best ways to manage your coexistence as a couple.

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