This Is What You Need To Know If You’re Going To Fall In Love With Someone Who Overthinks

We can never really help who we fall in love with. Sometimes, the universe just thrusts someone into our lives; and that person can have a profound impact on us whether we like it or not. We might grow to eventually develop feelings for someone who overthinks a lot of things in life – and there are definitely a few things that you need to know about an over thinker before you fall in love with one. Yes, there are many aspects of an over thinker’s personality that make them very attractive and interesting. They have the kind of mysterious and serious aura about the, that just gives off a sense of maturity. They somehow give off some kind of vibe that makes you feel safe and secure; like somehow they always have everything under control.

You feel like there’s so much depth to the personality of an over thinker. You are somehow led to believe that a over thinker is someone who is constantly thinking things through; someone who is always examining all the possible angles; someone who likes to spend a lot of time to themselves just brooding and contemplating everything. And yes, while these may be accurate observations, it isn’t necessarily the whole story. You need to really understand an over thinker if you truly want to make a relationship with one work for the best.

An over thinker isn’t known to be spontaneous or unpredictable. They rarely ever act on impulse; and they always like to be methodical and analytical in their approach to anything. They aren’t fond of “taking things as they come” because they always like to plan everything out. They crave for structure and order; and they aren’t particularly fond of surprises. They get really anxious whenever they are forced to confront something unexpected. They always require a little time and patience before they can really wrap their head around something.

An over thinker is someone who is going to really want to do some research before acting on anything. For instance, when you want to go on a vacation with an over thinker, they aren’t going to be on board right away. They will want to discus your destination, your itinerary , and every little detail surrounding that trip before they can really commit to anything. And it’s really going to be like that with every other aspect of life as well: picking a place to live together; choosing the right TV set for the living room; determining the pace of your relationship. These are all things that need to be calculated and thought out in the eyes of an over thinker.

An overthinker isn’t always going to be the quickest to respond to anything. They always like to take their time. They always like to make sure that they take the time to really think about how they’re going to respond to something that you say. Whenever you’re engaged in a conversation with an overthinker, you can always bet that they’re going to put a lot of thought into the things that they tell you – and they are never going to be saying anything just for the sake of saying something. And that’s how you know you can always go really deep into a conversation with an overthinker.

An overthinker is always going to want a lot of alone time. You have to remember that an overthinker tends to live within the corners of their own minds a lot. That’s where they’re more comfortable. They don’t really like opening themselves up to other people. And so they’re really forcing themselves outside of their comfort zone whenever they are being vulnerable with you. However, you have to give them a break every now and then. Let them be alone with their thoughts every once in a while.

An overthinker is always going to be someone who doesn’t let their biases get in the way. An overthinker will not let their feelings get the best of them. They are always going to try their best to look at things objectively. They are always going to try to espouse better judgment on things. They are always going to be committed to pursuing the real truth; and not just their own personal truth. They will always be mindful of what they say because they are always mindful of how their words can affect other people. An overthinker is someone who is always going to make an effort to be sensitive of the feelings of those who are around them.

Lastly, an overthinker is always going to request a lot of patience. They might not always be so easygoing. They might not always be moving at a fast pace – and they know that. That’s why they’re going to ask you to understand that that’s just how their built. And they’re hoping that you can still love that part of who they are.

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