This Is What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Relationship

It might seem like it’s not something that would be all that important in your relationship and so you don’t really pay it much mind. But research has actually suggested that how you and your partner choose to dress yourselves during Halloween actually tells a lot about the dynamics of your relationship.

Ultimately, love has been established to mean the merging of two independent souls into a single entity. When two people form an attachment with one another, they are going to share substantial aspects of their lives together. When in a genuinely loving relationship, the sense of self seems to grow and elevate as a result of the relationship as a whole. Think of a relationship as the act of stretching your life and expanding your world to make room for your significant other. You’re always going to have to make some space in your life for something as big as love to have a place in it.

You have to look at love as the merging of yourself and the person that you’re in love with. You are essentially adopting another person into your life to the point that you are also now responsible for this person’s dreams, goals, and overall well-being. The strongest relationships are the ones wherein there is minimal friction in the process of merging these two souls. That is why a lot of the happiest and healthiest relationships in the world are the ones that are built on extreme closeness and connection.

But to go back to the main point of this article, what does Halloween have to do with your relationship? Well, here it is. Your choice of Halloween costume can say a lot about the level of closeness and connection in your relationship?

When you go out in public as a couple, you are given an opportunity to portray an image of your relationship to the rest of the world. Now, you may not be CONSCIOUSLY thinking of portraying a certain image; but it’s something that is always buried deep within the back of your minds. That’s typically all we ever do as human beings whenever we interact with other people. That’s why a lot of us tend to put a lot of effort into deliberating over how we should look and behave around others. It’s the same thing when you would go out as a couple – whether you realize it or not.

Scientific evidence has actually revealed that couples do behave differently based on the levels of happiness in their relationships. The couples that have happier and healthier relationship environments have a tendency to use more inclusive pronouns whenever they are talking. They will be fond of using pronouns such as “we”, “us”, or “our” when conversing in everyday life. And people in unhappy relationships will be more self-focused with their verbiage; they will make use of pronouns like “my” or “I” when talking to others. Whether you know it or not, you are essentially telling other people about how close you are as a couple based on your usage of these words.

More evidence has shown that the happier you are in your relationship, the more you will want to show off just how much of a couple you are to other people. For instance, happier couples will be more likely to use “couple photos” as their Facebook profile photos. It has been found that the more often that couples celebrate their relationships, the happier and more satisfied they are about their romantic situations.

However, not everyone in the world is going to be so keen to show off their love and relationships in such a public manner.

Do you like to broadcast your relationship to those who are willing to listen? Are you comfortable with telling people about the fact that you’re in a relationship with your partner? Your answer to these questions can really tell a lot about how you feel about your relationship.

The more visible you want to make your relationship to the world, then the prouder and happier you are about being with your partner. And that’s why it’s likely that if you and your partner choose to go for a “duo costume” during Halloween, you are closer as a couple than those who would choose to go as individual characters. When you choose to really dress up as a couple, then you are choosing to highlight the closeness and camaraderie that you have in your relationship. It might not seem like such a big deal to you or to others at face value. But subconsciously, there are many heavy implications that come with choosing to dress up like a couple during Halloween. Remember that the level of closeness that you have in a relationship can manifest itself in so many different ways.

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