This Is What Your Love Life Is Like Based On The Order Of Your Birth

Who would have known that you would be able to figure out what your love life is going to be like based purely on the order of your birth? Well, it might seem like a crazy idea right now – but by the time you finish reading this article, you’re probably going to have a more open-mind about the topic. In the matters of the heart, you’re always going to have to take into consideration the dynamics of the personalities between two people. And naturally,

you are going to have your own very distinctive and unique traits that make you who you are – and some of these traits can make you either more or less compatible with a person depending on the traits that they have as well. But a lot of the time, there are just some certain personality traits that people have which make them more capable of handling and sustaining romantic relationships. Being your own person, you’re going to have your own personal preferences. You are going to want to be with certain types of people who exhibit certain characteristics and traits.

And that’s why you can be attracted to certain people even when a lot of your friends wouldn’t typically find these people attractive. That’s part of acting on our own individuality as human beings. We all have different preferences and we pursue the things that we like the most. But did you know that a lot of what makes up your personal romantic preferences has to do with the order of your birth in the family? Science has already proven that you can really tell a lot about what your love life is going to look like based on the order of your birth among your siblings. This is because your role in the family is going to equip you with certain philosophies and traits that are likely to steer you towards a certain romantic path that might be easy to predit.

Naturally, your personality is often related to the way in which you interact with the people around you. And of course, a lot of the basic instincts that you have with human interaction are forged within your home and family life. You are likely to interact with your parents and your siblings a lot throughout the formative years of your life – when you are still trying to figure out who you are on the inside. So it’s totally not out of this world to think that your birth order can impact how you approach love and relationships as a whole. If you want to know what your love life is going to look like based solely on your order of birth in your family, then continue to read on below.

1. The first-born child.

You are a real leader. You always want to establish full control in a relationship – and this is because you have always been in control with your relationships with your siblings. You always like to think of yourself as someone who is wise; someone who has all of the answers.

2. The middle child.

You have a bit of a rebellious nature; however, you are flexible enough to just go with the flow. You don’t take life too seriously but you also don’t like it whenever your freedom is threatened. You hate it when you are made to feel like you are being controlled or manipulated. You hate the feeling of being shackled and chained. But you can also be very easygoing as long as no one is treating you in a condescending manner.

3. The youngest child.

You are used to being the center of attention in the family. Naturally, growing up, your parents always babied you. They always took more care of you as compared to your other siblings because you were the one who needed most help. You were the youngest. You can also be a little stubborn at times. You are so used to just getting things your way that you get flustered whenever life throws you a curve ball. In relationships, you don’t like to be in control a lot; but you always want to make sure that all your expectations are being met.

4. The only child.

As an only child, you have really had to learn how to be independent. You have always needed to learn how to do things on your own because you didn’t really have siblings you could turn to for advice or assistance. You always needed to be learning as you went – and you’re still trying to figure things out as you go through life right now. You are mature and you tend to take life very seriously. You are very reliable and you have no problems with assuming responsibility in life – especially in relationships. However, you might struggle with vulnerability because of your obsessive desire to stay strong all of the time.

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