This Is What You’re Missing Out On When You Let Go Of The Girl Who Loves You

She loved fearlessly, and you let her go.

Regardless of the motivations or the reasons; regardless of the variables surrounding the circumstances; regardless of the many nuances that plague the entire unfortunate situation, you chose to let her go. You cut yourself loose from her and you ran away. There’s no telling why you did what you did. There’s no reason why you chose to just let go. There’s no reason why you just chose to abandon her. Perhaps you let the fear get to you. Perhaps you were still harboring some substantial emotional baggage from your old relationships and you just had to relieve yourself of the pressure. Or perhaps you were just overthinking everything and you got overwhelmed by your own thoughts. Maybe you weren’t ready for what was happening and you panicked. But regardless of the reason, it’s all moot at this point. What’s done is done. It’s all over and there’s very little to show for it.

But there’s a problem with what you did and how you did it. You could have taken the high road. You could have been mature about it. You could have just tackled the issue head on. You could have owned up to your feelings. You could have allowed yourself to open up and let them all out in the open. But you did none of those things. You chose to take the cowardly route. You decided to just keep mum about the things that were eating away at your insides. You couldn’t open up to the one person who was willing to give you everything. Instead, you spit in hands that they held out for you and you just turned away.

You decided to turn away from the girl who loved you like no other girl ever could. You decided to turn away from the girl who was ready to care for you for the rest of your waking days together. You decided to trade in the best thing that had ever happened in your life at that point for the uncertainty of the future just because you didn’t think that you could handle the pressure. You got scared and you dropped the ball. You let your fears deprive you of the happiness that was ready for the taking the happiness that was boxed up for you with a beautiful bow on top. You let go of a permanent love for temporary relief and you’re probably going to regret making that decision for the rest of your life.

Did you understand that she was ready to give you her everything? Do you realize that this girl was ready to take you in with her open arms? Did you know that this girl was willing to put herself through the fire just to keep you in her life? She was ready to be the comfort of home that you so desperately sought in human form. She was ready to be the burning passion that you’ve been searching for your whole life. She was ready to be your punching bag for your most emotionally vulnerable moments. She was ready to be your shoulder to cry on. She was ready to be the stepping stone that you needed to get ahead. She was ready to be everything that you needed and more but you just chose to let go of all of that. You chose to walk away from the girl who could have pushed you to become the best possible version of yourself. You chose to detach yourself from the girl who was ready to dedicated her whole life to making all of the wrongs in your life right.

And she loved you the way that a person should always love another person fearlessly. She loved you without hesitation. She loved you without restraint. She loved you without prejudice. She loved you without expectations. But you failed to notice all of that. Or perhaps you did notice it you just failed to give value to it. You failed to realize just how great you had it. Because if you had fully understood what you had standing in front of you in the form of her person, you would have never let her go at all. You didn’t understand the beautiful future that you had within your grasp you chose to let it go. You let it slip and you’re probably never going to get it back.

And so again, while everything may be moot at this point, it’s important for you to understand the impact of your actions. You have to make sure that you fully grasp just how significant a life choice you decided to make for yourself. You have to understand this one very simple concept you chose to let go of the kind of love that most people spend entire lifetimes searching for. You walked away from that.


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