This Is When You Should Walk Away From Someone

There are a lot of people who will go to some really great lengths just to make sure that the love they have in their lives doesn’t turn sour. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that they don’t miss out on an opportunity to spend forever with the love of their lives. There are those of us who will really do everything in our power to keep our partners interested enough. However, these efforts are only for the people who are actually worth fighting for. There are those out there who would never really be good enough for you. There are those out there who will only want to use you and abuse you and you definitely shouldn’t give them an opportunity to do so. There are some people who are only going to take you for granted. And these are definitely people that you really need to walk away from.

There are many people out there who actually make the mistake of staying with partners who are definitely not good for them. And this can make for a very painful and emotionally overwhelming situation. You never want to end up investing so much of yourself in a relationship with someone who is only going to bring a lot of darkness and toxicity into your life. You don’t want to be putting too much energy into sustaining a relationship that is just all kinds of wrong for you. Sure, you might still cling to the hope that your partner is going to change and that things are going to get better in your relationship. That’s fine. We all have the potential to change. But you must also know your limits. You really need to walk away.

It’s understandable that you would just want to play it safe. You might think that it’s better to tough things out in this relationship of yours than to give up on it entirely. It can often feel like such a waste and tragedy to end a relationship. This is especially true if you have grown rather attached or dependent on your partner’s emotional, financial, or practical support. Or you might be someone who is just plain afraid how they would react to the idea of you walking away.

But you also have to realize that life is just too short. The idea of your own mortality might be a hard concept for you to come to terms with. But it’s the truth. It’s true for all of us. We all have expiration dates. We all have limited time in this world. And that’s why you must always be making it a point to be spending your time wisely. You never want to be wasting it on the wrong people and relationships. It’s always difficult to figure out whether a partner can serve as a positive or negative presence in your life. This is especially true when you’re simultaneously trying to make sense of so many feelings and emotions at the same time. Your heart is always trying to force you to focus on the positives but that might end up blinding you from the negatives and that’s never healthy. Love is a sensation that can sometimes betray you by compromising your better judgment. That’s why you always want to be policing yourself in that regard. You want to make sure that you don’t chase after the people who would never be chasing after you.

Consistency is key in a relationship and you never want to be with someone who is incapable of giving you that. You must only be with someone who is as reliable and as dependable as you need them to be. You need a partner who is going to be there for you regardless of the situation. You need a partner who is really going to give you a sense of safety and security. You need a partner who will show you that there is nothing that you need to worry about regarding their level of commitment and effort. You need a partner who would not shy away from stepping up to the plate for you every single time.

If you can’t feel like you’re comfortable being your true and genuine self around someone, then you know that this person is definitely not right for you. You should be in a relationship that doesn’t feed into your insecurities and anxieties. You shouldn’t be in a relationship that is filled with a lot of cruelty and disrespect. Life is just too short and you don’t want to be wasting it on these particular individuals. You need to be able to walk away from them. Cut those ties. Burn those bridges. Move on to people who would treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

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