This Is Why Intelligent People Have A Hard Time Finding Love

When I was conversing with a good friend of mine recently about his relationship status, he implied that he was single because of his sheer intelligence. He said that the reason he hadn’t found love in his life up until his point is that his intelligence makes it more difficult for him to do so. He claims that his intellect puts him at an automatic disadvantage. Of course, being the nice guy that I am, I didn’t tell him that it was probably because he had a less-than-ideal physical appearance along with a crappy attitude and personality to go along with it. I kept my cool and I laughed it off. I didn’t really pay much mind to what he had to say.

But here’s the thing. I’m single too. And eventually, I came around to thinking about what he was telling me. Was there really some truth to what he was saying? Does being smart make it much more difficult for one to find love in life? And here’s the surprising conclusion that I eventually came to for myself: it’s probably true. There is some merit in this idea after all. Of course, it would be important to preface this article by saying that people who are in relationships aren’t necessarily stupid. Of course not. Far from it. I just want that to be clear before anyone gets offended. Just because you’re in love doesn’t automatically signify that you’re dumb. What I’m merely trying to say is that the smarter a person is, the task of finding love is going to be substantially much more difficult. And if you’re not convinced in the same way that I am, give me a chance to explain myself. Here are a few reasons as to why I think this way:

Intelligent people tend to take a more analytical approach to love than an emotional one.

For this to make sense, it’s important to make the delineation between people seeing love as a choice and those who see love as an uncontrollable feeling. There are those of us who will say that love isn’t a choice; that it’s a feeling. They will say that love is something that you can’t necessarily control and that it would be foolish of you or anyone to try to rationalize it. These people are the ones who let their feelings rule over their lives. These are the kinds of people who let their emotions lead the way.

And then there are those who think that love is a choice. They believe that you might not be able to help who you fall for, but you can definitely choose to act on that love. And that’s something that intelligent people tend not to do. They might develop interests in certain people. However, that doesn’t mean they will find it logically sound to act on their interests and feelings for these people. Intelligent people have a tendency to always think before acting. And when they aren’t able to rationalize something, they will rarely ever take part in it. It’s no secret that love is a treacherous terrain. And it’s not necessarily for those who are unwilling to traverse it.

Intelligent people try to stay guarded as much as possible.

Intelligent people aren’t really fond of opening themselves up to getting hurt. Why? Because they know the odds are always stacked against them. Intelligent people try to rationalize everything. And when it comes down to it, love is rarely ever a safe bet to make with anyone. It’s not a good chance to take. And that’s why intelligent people shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to love. They don’t want to make themselves vulnerable because they don’t want to put themselves in the position to potentially get hurt by someone.

This is more of a self-preservation kind of thing. Intelligent people will not willingly put themselves in scenarios that will allow other people to hurt them. And unfortunately, that’s mostly what love really is about. You have to be able to allow yourself to be more open and vulnerable to the person you want to have an intimate relationship with.

Intelligent people often CHOOSE to be single.

It’s not that these people CAN’T find love. They just know that they won’t want to settle for any kind of love that is less than what they think they deserve. Intelligent people are the worlds’ greatest critics because they are so hard to please. And it’s because they are so hard to please that they are rarely ever able to find happiness in life and in another person. Intelligent people would rather be single than settle for a relationship that just doesn’t make them feel happy or fulfilled in life.

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