This IS Why It’s Good That Your Soulmate Isn’t Single When You Meet Them

A lot of people are going to spend so much time just waiting for an opportunity to meet their soulmates. They think that the moment they finally meet their soulmates, they will get a chance to finally have the relationship that they have always wanted for themselves. And yet, when a lot of us meet our soulmates for the first time, it’s not a guarantee that they’re going to be single and available for us. And you might even think that you have all of the misfortune in the world when you meet your soulmate only to discover that they’re already in a relationship with someone else. Why would fate be so cruel? Why would the universe be so harsh? Why does destiny not seem to be on your side?

There are some of us who meet our soulmates when they are already engaged in long-term relationships. They might even be married already. Does that mean that the idea of soulmates is all a lie? Does that mean that you’re merely manufacturing the whole soulmate connection in your own mind? What does it mean for the universe to bring two soulmates together only for them to be unavailable to each other? What is the point of having soulmates if you’re not even meant to be in a romantic relationship with each other then?

When you have a soulmate who is taken and unavailable, you shouldn’t take that to mean that the idea of soulmates is invalid. Sometimes, the universe is going to bring two soulmates together for a particular reason – and that reason won’t necessarily be so clear to you right away. Just because you feel like you are meeting your soulmate prematurely doesn’t mean that you’re never going to be able to make the most out of your soulmate connection. You may meet your soulmate when both of you are unavailable to one another, and that might actually be by design. The reason that you might be meeting your soulmate at a particular time is because the two of you can gain some much-needed clarity and perspective at that moment.

Of course, you might not necessarily get into a relationship with each other right away because of the many constraints that are present. However, that doesn’t mean that the current situations that you’re in aren’t going to serve a particular purpose. Perhaps, there are just a few things that the two of you need to go through at the moment so that it will better serve your soulmate relationship in the future. There may be a few kinks that you just need to iron out for now. Maybe there are a few lessons that the both of you still need to learn before you can get with each other. Maybe the timing is just off because you still need to wait a little bit before your relationship can be ripe. Maybe you just needed to cross paths right now to acquaint yourselves with one another, but not necessarily get too deep a little too quickly.

You wouldn’t want to get into a relationship with your soulmate without the two of you being ready for it. That would only end up in devastation for both of you. Your relationship is going to end up crumbling into nothing if you get with each other before it’s your time to do so. You might think that the universe is just being unfair to you by making you meet your soulmate and then having them be unavailable to you. But remember that the universe is always working in mysterious ways. Fate isn’t always going to adhere to your plans. Always remember that the universe sees the grander perspective; the bigger picture. And while you’re getting lost in all of the little details, the universe has the grander path all planned out for you. You just need to be able to trust in timing. You just need to be able to believe in the idea of fate and destiny. You just need to have faith.

Don’t worry. The universe understands your frustrations. The universe knows that it is coming off as unfair and unreasonable to put you in the position that you’re in. But just know that everything is going to fall into place when the proper time arrives. You can’t FORCE love. You can’t manifest love out of nothing. You can’t force a relationship when it’s not meant to be there. Everything has to come naturally and organically. And when the opportunity for love truly comes knocking on your door, you’re going to have to be ready for it. And maybe, at the moment, you’re just not ready yet. Maybe you need a little growing up to do. Just remind yourself of what’s waiting for you at the end.

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