This is Why Missing Someone Doesn’t Mean They Belong In Your Life

So stop! Stop crying, stop trying, and stop missing!

Falling in love can open up a brand new world for you. A world where you can trust a person, care and care for, and you don’t have to be on your toes constantly, and where there’s someone who keeps you going despite everything. However, falling in love also means entering a world of potentially getting heartbroken.

When two people love each other and genuinely love each other, they don’t think it’ll ever end because, despite the circumstances or problems, you two would always think that you guys can make it. Face it; no one enters a relationship to have their heart broken. It just happens.

If you two broke up because you just knew that this was never going to work out and the love at the start of the relationship isn’t there any longer, it doesn’t hurt as bad. It sucks that it had to end, but you knew it was going nowhere, but what’s worse is an amicable breakup where you two realize that circumstances will never permit you to be together. At least not now.

Distance, work, family, or ambitions, there are a billion circumstances that led to where you are today—aching to see him again, picking up the phone to put it down today, or thinking of him only to convince yourself that he wasn’t the one for you. That’s the thing about genuinely falling in love; it can never go away.

You’ll always have a place in your heart for him, and you can’t convince yourself of anything because he wasn’t the one who did this, and neither did you. The thought of everything being perfect again and your plans to make it perfect again all have their flaws. I know the feeling of wanting someone back and preparing to make drastic changes to get them back.

However, what will you do after? You quit your high-paying job to move closer to him, or you decide to chase his ambitions instead of your own. Tell me, what good is that going to do? Put your emotions aside and think realistically about a change because the reality of the situation led to you two breaking up.

I’m here to tell you how missing someone doesn’t mean that you need them in your life. You two broke up, and now you can’t spend every second of your life making ways to go back in time and change everything because that’s not going to happen. What’ll happen is that sooner or later, one of you is going to move on, and the other person was so busy thinking that it’ll work eventually that they won’t be able to bear it. Time will go on, days will pass, and you won’t be able to get them back. Are we even able to get a second back? You don’t need him. You can love him with every fiber of your being for now, but eventually, you’ll have to move on. Eventually, you’ll have to realize that right now, this isn’t going to happen, and eventually, you’ll have to stop missing them.


So stop! Stop crying, stop trying, and stop missing! He’ll come back if that’s what’s meant to happen, and you or he won’t have to make a drastic change for that to happen. Maybe he won’t return, but you know something that will never come back? Time. You’re wasting time clouding everything in your life because you think you need him to survive. Did he fall in love with you because you were moping around? Or did he fall in love with you because he saw you as confident, charming, brave, and strong? You’re an attractive person who can’t let this turn you from that into something ugly.

I can’t tell you to stop loving him because you will, no matter what I say. As I said, amicable breakups do that to you. You can’t put anyone at fault, and to you, he’ll always be the person you fell in love with. However, it just wasn’t meant to be. You do not need him to survive. Heck, you don’t need anyone to help you live! He might’ve made you live life to the fullest, but you’re the one who’s living this life. You’re the one who has to do this. It’s great to have someone with you on your journey, but at the end of the day, it’s your journey—no one’s to blame, especially not you. Don’t think I haven’t been at the same point as you. I tried and tried hard, and I know he did too, but it wasn’t enough to make it work. In the start, we kept pushing through, THINKING it’ll sort itself out eventually; however, once time started to pass, we realized that it wasn’t going to happen. How long can one hold on to hope that it’ll work out? Oddly enough, your whole life. But in a relationship, you need to realize that people can’t be constant. There are so many things to take into account. It happened for the best.

All in all, as the title suggests, missing him doesn’t necessarily mean that you need him. Live your life to its fullest and let him live his. It’ll hurt somewhat when you see him moving on but you need to accept that as a possibility. It can, it might and it will happen. The best thing to do is move on yourself. Look at every day as a brand new glorious day. Be happy again.

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