This Is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

When you happen to love a person with anxiety, you have inherited for yourself a very interesting love story. You are choosing to love someone who understands the complexity of emotions.

People who are forced to bear with the struggles of anxiety are inherently flawed people but then again, aren’t we all flawed? Just because a person is flawed doesn’t make that person any less deserving of love. We are all deserving of love; as human beings, we cannot possibly survive the treacherous world within the blessing of the love of another person.

When you happen to love a person with anxiety, you have inherited for yourself a very interesting love story. You are choosing to love someone who understands the complexity of emotions. You are loving someone who can’t necessarily control feelings, but control how he/she acts in spite of them. You are making the resolve to love a person with an unforgivably deep and profound relationship with feelings and emotions.

If you just so happen to love a person who has anxiety, then you should know that you are getting into a love story with someone who possesses high levels of sympathy, empathy, and sensitivity. They are going to fiercely protect their own heart, but they are going to do their best to take care of your heart as well. You only need to show them that you are worthy of such love and care. You need to let this anxious person know that you would never willingly add to their anxieties.

When you love a person with anxiety, you will soon find out that this is the kind of person who is going to know how you are feeling at any given moment. These anxious people are the best at figuring out whether you’ve had a good day or a bad one at just one glance. These are the kinds of people who will know best how to deal with you whenever you are angry, upset, sad, or feeling particularly demotivated. They know how to deal with these feelings because of their first-hand experience with heavy emotions. These people with anxiety aren’t necessarily mind-readers, but they understand body language and facial expressions. They only need to look at you once in order to figure out how to interact with you. Continue reading on the next page

The people who are dealing with anxiety are always going to be sensitive of the people they happen to surround themselves with. They are classical, and they carry themselves with that old-style grace, class, and poise. At the times when their anxiety gets the best of them, they do a good job at not involving other people in their own misery. They never want the light of other people to be consumed by their own personal darkness. These people who have anxiety are the kinds of people who invest themselves wholesale into a relationship. They let themselves express their own vulnerabilities because they are fully aware that they are imperfect beings. They tell no lies, and they will hide nothing.

The people with anxiety are the kind of people who never take any relationships or people for granted. They are self-aware and they know that their anxious ways can be such a burden for people. The people who are forced to deal with anxiety will never close themselves into an echo chamber until they start feeling better. They will cry for help the moment they feel like they are losing themselves, and they will be immensely grateful for any help that comes their way. If you love a person who is dealing with anxiety, you have to be ready for healthy doses of brutal honesty. An anxious person is known to be someone who doesn’t mince words. What you see is always what you get when it comes to anxious people.

If you just so happen to fall in love with someone who is dealing with anxiety, you have to know that you are going to be on the receiving end of insurmountable amounts of love and affection. When a person with anxiety falls in love, they let themselves fall entirely. They never hesitate, and they will willingly take the emotional plunge with the entirety of their being. They understand that they need lots of love to come their way in order for them to deal with their anxiety, and so they are ready to reciprocate all the love that they receive a hundredfold.

People with anxiety know that they have severe flaws in their character, but they are never insecure about it. They know that they always have to be strong despite their blatant weaknesses. They know that their life is never going to be a smooth sail, and they are okay with that. When a person with anxiety falls in love with you, they place all of their trust in you to persist in this shared struggle with them. They trust you to never desert them in even the most difficult of times. People with anxiety are hopeful that the people they surround themselves with will be the people who will never leave them. If you fall in love with someone who has anxiety, know that you are responsible for never ever betraying that person’s trust. You should know that walking out the door is not an option, because if you do, you will have turned a person’s entire world upside down.

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