This Is Why The Strongest Girls Feel Insecure All The Time

She has neither the time nor tolerance for disrespectful and immature men.

The one thing you have to know about a strong and independent woman is that she’s always going to maintain the highest of standards and she’s never going to settle for anything less than she thinks she deserves. She has neither the time nor tolerance for disrespectful and immature men. She does not have the patience to maintain friendships with people who are only there to bring her down. She has no problem burning bridges whenever necessary.

She has no worries about fending for herself because she knows that she’s strong enough to take on the world on her own. She’s not being a hypocrite whenever she cuts people out of her life whenever they fail to meet her expectations. She also holds herself to the highest of standards, and she never tolerates failure or mediocrity. She is caught in the perpetual journey of self-development.

Even as a child, she told herself that she was destined for great things. She had a mind that wandered the vast expanse of universal possibilities. She knew no limits to how far she could dream. She is the kind of person who can’t live with the guilt of not being productive with her time.

She believes that every action needs to serve a certain purpose; and that purpose must be in accordance with her dreams and aspirations. She doesn’t like to take days off, because the idle time would drive her crazy. She knows that there are so many problems in the world, and that there is always something to be done at all times. She values time the way that jewelers value their diamonds.

Nothing is ever enough for her. It’s in her nature to never be contented. Even when she meets her expectations, she pushes herself to go even further. She knows that there is always a ceiling that needs to be broken, and she has no problem being the one who climbs the ladder. She has limitless energy and an uncommon sense of vitality present within her that drives her to do all the things that she does on a daily basis.

Despite all her achievements, and the strength of her being, she is still susceptible to the perception of others. She carries within her a level of insecurity that is common in people who only feel the need to be a success. She consistently double-guesses herself because she knows that she is still far from maximizing her full potential as a human being and that she needs to work so much harder for everything to be set right. – Continue reading on the next page

She sometimes has doubts about the path that she’s on and the pace that she’s going. She knows that life is a marathon, and she’s worried that she won’t like whatever comes in the end. She wants to know if the struggles of today will be worth the elations of tomorrow.

To add insult to injury, no one ever sees her struggles. They only see the idealized face of success. They see the chiseled exterior that was made to project utmost confidence and accomplishment. They only see the results, but they never see the demons that were involved in the process. They see the strength, but they don’t see the struggle that it takes to maintain it.

From the outside, it looks as if she has all the wheels rolling at her preferred pace. Every soldier seems to be marching to the same drum. They feel like she knows how well she’s doing and so they don’t feel the need to reassure her of herself. They think it’s unnecessary to praise someone who probably has no time to relish in her own glory.

They choose to mute themselves and observe her as she wades her way through the treacherous waters of life with what looks like utmost ease. Inside, she’s yelling for a lifeboat, a lifesaver. She needs someone to tell her that everything is going to be alright and that she doesn’t have to feel so overwhelmed. She is yearning for someone to tell her that all her efforts will not be done in vain.

She’s acting like Supergirl, but everyone knows that even superheroes have demons within them that they still need to battle. Superheroes still have their weaknesses, and they will require help every once in a while.

If you happen to be friends with a strong and independent woman, never be afraid to reassure her of her strength. Even the strongest of people can be vulnerable to failure and insecurity. No man is an island, and no woman as well. We all need each other in this world. The weak will need the strong to compensate for their shortcomings.

The strong will need the weak to inspire and motivate them to go further. Just because she looks like she’s got everything together doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a few nice words from her loved ones every now and then.

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