This Is Why Wanting To Be Loved Doesn’t Mean You’re Needy

You might actually find this difficult to believe, but a lot of people just hold on to plenty of unfounded beliefs and myths surrounding love and relationships. And the belief in these myths can be really damaging and detrimental to people who want to be in long-term relationships with the people that they love. It’s very important that we are able to unlearn all of the false teachings and lessons surrounding love and relationships if we truly do want to find happiness, stability, meaning, and fulfillment with our significant others.

And one of the most damaging myths surrounding love and relationships is the idea that it’s always a weakness to need or crave for love from someone. We are always encouraged to find love, meaning, and happiness in our own lives. And that’s true. Yes, it’s always good if you are able to be happy on your own. But you shouldn’t feel ashamed about wanting to be loved by another person. It’s okay to crave for the idea of you spending a life with someone who is near and dear to your heart.

There is a huge following of people who really do support this myth. And it’s important that we don’t end the narrative there. Yes, we should always encourage people to find a sense of meaning and happiness in their own lives independent of being in relationships. But it shouldn’t be taught that they need to experience love from another human being is a weakness.

In fact, the longing for love isn’t really a weakness at all – it’s a strength. Just because you crave for another human being’s love doesn’t mean that you’re codependent. Just because you want to feel the affection from someone else doesn’t mean that you’re emotionally unstable and erratic. The fact that you seek love from other people actually indicates that you are strong and stable. It shows that you are wise.

As human beings, it’s already ingrained into our nature to be that way. We are always going to crave for a deep and intimate connection with someone else. We are always going to seek love, romance, and affection from the people around us. It’s just how we are wired as a species. We always want to be around people who genuinely care about us and love us. We want to be around people who make us feel like we’re not crazy; people who genuinely understand us in a very deep and profound. We always want to be able to connect with another person in order to feel a sense of validation in the world.

It’s already in the way that we are sculpted as a society to give and receive love from one another. The exchange of love is always something that we need to uphold as a people because it’s ultimately what makes the world go around.

We should really make it a point to put an end to the whole idea that a deep longing for love is only something that weak people have. That should never be the case. Just because we have an innate desire to feel, express, and experience the emotions that we have inside of us doesn’t mean that we’re weak. It doesn’t make us lesser forms of human beings. Just because we want to be able to be affectionate with other people doesn’t mean that we’re fragile, clingy, or codependent.

The real truth is that living life without love is a life without meaning. And that’s why it’s perfectly normal and natural for us to seek love from those around us. It’s always natural for us to want to pursue love in all opportunities that we can get. We never want to be living a life without love because that would be a dull and meaningless life. We need to stop suppressing our desires to be loved and acknowledge the fact that we all crave for love precisely because we are human.

Our innate need to be loved doesn’t make us less of a human. On the contrary, it even highlights our humanity even further. And that’s why we need to stop shaming people for wanting to feel and receive love.

At the end of the day, the more that people are taught to believe that it is weak to pursue love, then the more discouraged people will actually be to give love towards others. And we all know that we could use a little more love in this world. We all know that there is never going to be enough love to go around. We should always be willing to give love to those around us – and by extension, we should never be afraid to seek people who love us in return.

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