This is Why You Need To Walk Away From A Broken Relationship

We all in some part of our lives fall in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate our feelings. We force ourselves to be in a relationship in which we are not treated the way we should be treated; the way we deserve to be treated. It is very common to see people suffering and calling it love. The relationship is serving them no good, and it is draining their energy and emotion yet they seem to invest in it a lot more than they have.

Our hearts ache and the thoughts of a better future flow in our mind, however, we try to find beauty in our ugly present. It seems nearly impossible to get out of a toxic relationship. We don’t understand that it is okay to let go, it is okay to believe in love and yet, move on from someone who takes you for granted. We need to realize that we need to love ourselves enough not to let someone mistreat us.

All the beautiful memories and unforgettable moments make it difficult for us to look beyond them. We cling to our partners, as a baby clings to his mother, being afraid that what would we if they will leave us. It doesn’t matter how poorly your partner treats you, and you always look for his positive and appreciable gestures which are very few. It doesn’t matter how good the relationship was in the start what matters is how is it coming along. If it is causing you pain, overthinking doesn’t let you sleep, you question your partner’s behaviour and wonder what wrong have you done to deserve such ill-treatment, then it is time to cut the ties completely. Our hearts will always hinder us from leaving our loved ones.

Our emotions will take over, and we will want to relive the adorable memories that we once created with them, but the truth is that your partner is not the same person anymore. He/she may have made you believe that they love you, but it is possible that their love might have faded with time. We should not see good in them when there is no good left. It will only augment the agony we are going through. Not everyone means what they say. We are fools to believe them even after knowing that their actions and words are poles apart.

Their actions make us question our worth, but their words make us believe that we are the most important person in their lives. Such people are simply playing with our feelings. They don’t care about our emotions; they have kept us close to them because we are fulfilling their emotional needs. The thought blindfolds us that in future they will realize our worth and love us unconditionally. We keep ourselves in a bubble of hope that one day we will have a happy ever after with the one we love. The world is a cruel place where people will use you and may not realize your worth even after you walk away from their lives. Someone who has been there for us in the past will not necessarily be a part of your future. It is solely our decision to choose who should belong in our future and who should not be aware of our existence.

The decision of walking away will break you. You will want to hold on for as long as you can. You will want to make things right. You will make all the possible efforts to make your other half understand that you are not happy in this relationship. You will want them to change, but people who don’t see problems in their actions can’t be changed. They will make you feel the less caring one for leaving. They will make you rethink your decision of getting them out of your life. They will blame you for ending this so-called perfect relationship, but you got to stay strong. Sometimes the only option is to walk away. Sometimes you have to choose yourself over everyone else. Sometimes it is about finding happiness and satisfaction. You do not deserve nights when you cry on top of your lungs for someone to see your worth.

Choose yourself over a disturbing and an empty relationship. Sometimes we cannot fix things. We need to realize that it is better to leave them as they are and find something better for ourselves. We should look after ourselves and our sanity. A relationship which makes us question our worth and destroy our self-esteem isn’t worth our time and emotions. Look for someone who will appreciate you in every way and will love you unconditionally. It can be you, or it can be anyone else. Be in a relationship with yourself, treat yourself how you want to be treated and then let someone in your life who matches those set standards. You are worthy of love. You deserve someone who will love you passionately and madly.

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