This Is Why You Should Be Worried If Your Woman Goes Quiet

For all the men out there who are reading this, there is one thing that you really have to learn about your girl. And this is a lesson that you really need to take to heart because if not, then you end up putting your entire relationship at risk. This is a phenomenon that is present in all relationships that span the entire globe. Most men are stressed out whenever their women yell at them or talk to them excessively. And at face value, it’s okay to be stressed out by this, right? You want your space. You want your private time. You want to be free from her voice and her grasp a lot of the time. But here’s the reason why you should be okay with having a woman whose voice you are constantly hearing.

You shouldn’t be so worried at having a girl who is constantly engaging with you – even when it’s seemingly negative engagement. She might be picking fights with you. She might be blaming you for something that goes wrong in the relationship. She might be finding something about you that annoys her. But whatever the case, you shouldn’t be worried so as long as she’s still engaging with you. If she sends you long novels that are supposed to be text messages; if you have hour-long conversations about things that you wouldn’t typically stress over; if she’s constantly wanting to talk about her feelings with you, then you should be thankful.

Don’t be upset when she sends you a random text message even when you’re busy at work. Don’t be upset when she shows up in the middle of the night because she wants to talk to you about something important. Don’t be upset if she starts crying or throwing a fit over something that you have done or said to her. And even though everything that you’ve read here so far doesn’t make sense, just trust that it’s all important knowledge if you really want to make your relationship last.

All of these gestures that she’s doing; her constant engagement with you about anything and everything under the sun, these are all expressions, displays, and manifestations of her love for you. When she talks to you about things that make the both of you uncomfortable, it goes to show just how comfortable she is with you. When she tells you about how much you’ve hurt her, she’s letting you know about her feelings so that she doesn’t end up resenting you. When she tries to talk to you about your dreams and goals as a couple, she’s trying to get to know you better. She’s trying to gain your attention. And these are all signs that your woman is desperately in love with you and that she’s still heavily invested in your relationship. It shows that she’s still really set on making things work with you to the best of her abilities. So, you should never be worried about having a woman who always wants to be talking and arguing with you.

You should really be worried that your woman is no longer talking to you. You should be worried when your partner is only sending you one-word text messages as replies.

You should definitely be worried when she’s not fighting with you anymore; when she doesn’t want to be engaging with you anymore. You should really be worried when she no longer shows up at your door wanting to talk to you. You should really be worried when she stops reacting to everything that you say or do. You should really be worried when she stops talking to you altogether.

You should really worry when she no longer sees you as a person who is worth engaging with; as a person who is no longer worth talking to. You should really worry whenever she considers you to be a person who is no longer worth having feelings and emotions for. You should really be worried when she no longer feels like she has to be dedicating any of her time on you. You should be worried when she feels like she shouldn’t be wasting her breath and emotions on you.

A woman’s silence is the number one thing that you’re going to have to fear in your relationship. You should always be afraid of having a girl who is no longer invested in talking things out with you; a woman who doesn’t care much about trying to solve the problems of your relationship together with you. It means that she’s tired of you and that she’s considering letting your relationship die. It means that she’s no longer invested in fighting for your relationship. It means that she no longer cares about what you think of her.

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