This Is Why You Should Never Be With A Serious Liar

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Never date a liar…

You always have to make sure that you never allow yourself to fall in love with a liar. He is never going to be able to give you the emotional blanket of safety and security that you are going to need in your relationship. A serious liar is someone who is going to have no problems with looking into your eyes and making a direct fool out of you by spewing lies at your face. A liar is someone who you will never be able to tell is being real, genuine, sincere, and authentic. A liar is someone who is so good at deceiving you and concealing the truth from you without you even knowing it. They have no weaknesses as far as lying is concerned. They won’t reveal their tells. You would never know that they’re lying to you because they’re so good at covering up their tracks. And what’s worst about it all is that they are going to lie to you so remorselessly; so guiltlessly. They understand just how much it would hurt you to know that they lie to you, but they do it anyway. They are the kinds of people who will not want to face the repercussions of their actions. They won’t take responsibility for their faults. And they will lie their way out of their compromising situations and they would have no problems with letting other people take the fall in their stead. When you’re in a relationship with a serious liar, there is no possible way for you to compel them to tell you the truth unless they actually want to; and they rarely ever want to when it’s inconvenient for them. So the best that you can do is hope that they aren’t fooling around with you.

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You have to make sure that you will never fall in love with a serious liar because they are going to convince you that you are somehow crazy. These liars are masters at trying to make you doubt your own sanity. They will take the world as you know it and flip it right before your very eyes. They are very good at just manipulating people and situations to their advantage. They are so good at distorting reality to the point where you won’t even know what’s real and what’s fake anymore. These serious liars are so good at blurring your own memories in your mind. They are so good at altering the truth to the point where there are no more distinctions between what is real and what isn’t. These serious liars are so quick at turning the tables on you and making you feel like you’re the one who is at fault. They are so good at washing their dirty hands and smearing you with blood to make it seem like you are the one who should be feeling bad and guilty.

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And it won’t even make sense a lot of the time. There will be moments where you actually catch them in the act. You have caught them red-handed and you think that you finally have them cornered. You believe that there is no possible way that they will be able to weasel themselves out of this scenario. But they still do. They will somehow find the right combination of words to absolve themselves of any guilty or responsibility. They will even find a way to just pin the entire thing on you. They will make it seem like you are the one who is at fault. They will make you think that it was because of something you did that forced them to behave in such a manner. That’s the kind of man that you’re going to be dealing with when you date a serious liar. Those are the kinds of situations that you will be finding yourself in on a consistent basis.

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You should never allow yourself to fall in love with a liar because they are the kinds of people who believe that they are always right. They will always find a way to justify what they do. They are always going to be able to defend their actions and their faults. They will be the most self-righteous people that you’re ever going to meet. They are going to go about their lives that they are always innocent and that they could do no wrong. They are always going to believe that they are little angels that have no faults at all. They are so good at lying to other people but they are also exceptionally good at lying to themselves.

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Never date a liar because you are never going to feel at ease or comfortable around them. You are constantly having to overcompensate for all the webs of lies that they weave. And that can be exhausting.