This man can’t get a heart transplant because he’s not vaccinated

A Boston hospital took a 31-year-old father off the heart transplant list because he wouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine. DJ Ferguson is near death and was on the list, but the hospital said he’s not eligible for the transplant unless he gets vaccinated.

David said it goes against his fundamental principles. “It’s a policy they enforce, and since he won’t be getting the shot, they took him off the list for a heart transplant,” his father said to WSBK.

The hospital said it removed Ferguson from the donor list because all transplant recipients need to get the vaccine to ensure they have the best chance of surviving the transplant. 

Ferguson’s family is considering moving him to another hospital, but his wife said that he may not be able to do so. 

‘At this point, DJ is unable to leave the hospital until he gets the heart surgery he needs. Without the surgery his lungs and heart will continue to fill up with blood and fluid (on top of everything else that’s going on),’ said Ferguson’s wife, Heather Dawson, on Facebook.

“We are aggressively pursuing all options, but we are running out of time,” Ferguson said. 

DJ’s dad told him his family would stand by him no matter what.

“I think my boy is fighting pretty damn courageously, and he has integrity and principles he really believes in, and that makes me respect him all the more,” he said.


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  1. It is of course his choice, but one understands why the hospital takes the stance that you have to be vaccinated. simply because hearts aren’t ten a penny, somebody died to make it available. if they’re going to use such an important resource they need to maximise its success.

  2. I feel he should get the heart transplant. Getting the vaccine in his condition may cause many problems. I know someone on dialysis who did what a Dr. told her,got the vaccine and has been in horrible pain, in and out of hosp. and had fingers amputated,all since April of 2021.She is 89 lbs,unable to walk,her husband carries her,all due to vaccine.

  3. This is sick! Our country makes me sick. Not being vaxxed should not be a reason to deny someone a heart transplant. The vax has also proven to be harmful and cause clots and heart issues. It’s is such discrimination what our country is doing. You guys are awful humans for doing this to this family and you should be ashamed of your self.

  4. This kind of reaction to someone who chooses not to get vaccinated makes you wonder why they want us all to get it so badly that they would make us choose like this. Wait, I can think of another thing they are soon to make us choose between. If you know what I’m talking about, and are ready to “Just Say No!” God Bless!!

  5. I totally agree. Receiving something as precious as a vital organ deserves to have someone who will do everything possible to keep that vital organ that was donated alive as well as themselves. I really feel for the guy but I feel more for the person who was wonderful enough to donate their healthy heart after their death to save someone else’s life. What you choose and the responsibilities you hold may not be the same and the consequence is your choice. I agree he may not be in a good enough state to get the vaccine at this point. But again the consequence of your choices is what happens

  6. We need to start boycotting hospitals. Enough is enough. Theyve taken enough money, enough lives TREATING people instead of HEALING them. This is too much.

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