This man found out his wife’s been cheating on him for 10 years – his reaction

It kills me deeply inside when I hear about or read such things. I recently read a story about a man, a 46 year old banker, who discovered that his wife had been cheating on him for the last 10 years. Now 10 years is an insane amount of time, and his reaction killed me a little more. He didn’t react. Over the span of his marriage, he killed his hopes and dreams so much for his family and for the sake of his future that he just didn’t feel like the same man when he discovered the brutal truth.

He posted a long story on Facebook, it’s more of a life lesson. It’s something I talk about almost all the time in my articles or on the page when I talk to you guys, I always tell you guys to love yourself before loving another, to never change your life because of someone else and always follow your hopes and dreams. Well, this man was too involved to care for himself and he gave it all up for his family and he much later found out that it was all for nothing.

Here’s his post, please read it very carefully, it’ll definitely get your emotions pumped up:

Feel anything yet? This is what happens when you kill yourself for someone else, I feel for this man and he will need a lot of time to recover from this blow. Everyone reading this article, please do not let anyone have such an impact on your life that you completely give up everything you had planned and you completely forget the person you once were. Learn a lesson from this man.

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Have you felt a blow as hard as this? 10 years of being cheated on even after you’ve given your all to someone? Do you have anything to say to this man to make him feel stronger? Talk to me in the comments below.

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