This Nurse Spent More than $200,000 on Cosmetic Procedures to Look Like Barbie

Images Credits: Tara Jayne on Instagram

Licensed cosmetic nurse Tara Jayne is all about that Barbie world life. The Melbourne native has spent more than $200,000 on chest augmentations, no$e jobs, and Bot0x procedures to look like the iconic Barbie Doll.

Jayne has an Instagram account with more than 207 thousand followers, wherein she posts some of her updated looks and products of her procedures. The 31-year-old has gotten her fair share of haters, but she explains that this “expensive hobby” makes her happy and doesn’t care about what other people think.

An Expensive Hobby

In an interview with The Morning Show, Jayne talked about the importance of body positivity and being unashamed to express oneself through the body. She said: 

“I think in this day and age, it’s very important for a woman to be able to express the way they feel and just express everything about beauty. Plastic surgery is how I do that and that’s what makes me happy. It gives me the confidence to be the best version of myself.”

Despite Jayne’s convictions, her way of life has been drastically critiqued on social media. Many of her detractors feel that she’s taking things too far with what she’s doing with her body and setting a bad example for young girls worldwide. However, Jayne is adamant about continuing this hobby despite the backlash and the mounting expenses to maintain her looks.

According to Jayne, her surgeries have helped boost her self-esteem and have made her feel more comfortable with herself. While her surgeries have more permanent effects on her body, some of her cosmetic procedures require consistent upkeep, which can get very expensive. In particular, her Botox and filler only have temporary effects on how her face looks. So, she needs to go back to the doctor to maintain her desired look.

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She said:

 “It’s quite easy to spend $2,000 to $5,000 at a time; it’s a pretty expensive hobby,”

New Opportunities

While many haters aren’t fans of what she’s doing, Jayne also has her fair share of fans who adore how unapologetic she is about being herself. To preserve her mental health, Jayne only pays attention to people who have nice things to say about her.

According to her:

“I have tunnel vision when it comes to that stuff because I have dealt with bullying and people making derogatory comments my entire life. But I have learned to deal with that. I just focus on what I want to do and I am super happy and that’s all that matters… The hate is making me famous,”

With a booming social media following, Jayne claims that her lifestyle is merely opening more career opportunities for her.

Share Your Thoughts

What do you think of Tara and her hobby? Is this something that you approve of? Do people even have the right to hate on her? Comment your thoughts in the comment section below.


7News – The Morning Show

Tara Jayne on Instagram

Images & Featured Images via Tara Jayne on Instagram

    1. If that Barbie, then my daughter’s dolls are fake and yet they all carry the TM.
      Tara Jayne ought to sue her plastic surgeon!

  1. She doesn’t look ANYTHING like a Barbie. She looks HORRIBLE. IM SORRY. SHE was probably a beautiful woman before all that unnecessary surgery.

  2. Why would you do that to your body I don’t like it and it makes you look awful I’m sorry for saying that but you probably was a pretty girl before you did that to fake looking sorry

  3. What a waste of time money and pain. She should have spent the money and time curing her clear body dismorphic disorder. I mean who think this looks like barbie. And barbie seems to be the goal for a lot of surgical disasters these days. The second someone asks a surgeon if they can look like barbie or Ken they should send them to a therapist.

    1. Out of all the comments, your’s is the one that makes the most sense.

      I agree that surgeons should have boundaries, and therapy should have been recommended.

      The question is “where should the line be drawn?” Toys are supposed to resemble people not the opposite way around.

    1. She looks like a Drag Queen
      I’m guessing she was beautiful before this ghastly transformation and that plastic surgeon should be sued.

  4. 🤢 gross 🤮 beyond Gross 🤮
    Looks more like a deformed bratz doll🙌🏼
    Chin & jaw is freak nature all on its own, torso is the same … god I can go on & on … 🤨
    This person should be popping up on horror flicks cause she is beyond a freak of nature

  5. I understand this can be a sickness. At what point should these cosmetic surgeons be required to limit these surgeries? This girl needs help. She does not look good whatsoever. This is so unnatural and quite frightening!

  6. I think her look is hideous. Who wants their lips to look like a monkey? Geez lighten up , you look like a freak.

  7. Sorry not sorry but she doesn’t look like Barbie! But it’s her life her body and she can do whatever she wants to do??

  8. She looks like a montar there is no beauty in what she has done to herself Barbie never looked like this maybe peter rabbit dame but definetely not Barbie what a waste of money just to look like some freak.🤔🤢🤮

  9. What an adult does with his or her body is their own business. It’s not up to me or anyone else to say it’s right or wrong. However if you are going to put your life and personal business on public display people will decide it’s their right to voice what they think…it’s not but there you have it. You are going to have the good with the totally knuckle dragging idiots giving their opinion. If she’s comfortable as Barbie then “girl go be you”!

  10. I wish I could be supportive and see the beauty in this but I can’t and I understand that she makes her own decisions but a good friend should tell her the truth. I don’t know this woman but I think that the surgeon’s have taken too many risks and chances on her desires and instructions. I couldn’t look at her face to face for more than a few seconds without my face saying it all – I just couldn’t control it.

  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder !
    We live in a world that causes so many insecurities and this is her way of dealing with her insecurities.
    Completely and utterly her choice.

  12. Bratz dolls were released in 2001, you really have to wonder if she was given them to play with as a child forming the idea in her head that this look is normal.

  13. Wow I commend her for following her dreams and making it happen.what matters is how it has improved how she feels about herself. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself with such a range of varying options

  14. Her nose is so mis shaped and her breast are a bit big for her body. Looks nothing like a barbie but more non human(alien) and definitely not any kind of a barbie I have seen.

  15. Happiness Starts from within and although it’s important to be proud of who and what you are I don’t agree with all those unnecessary procedures

  16. Her body is going to be all plastic when she is 80. Then what? It appears she has gone to far, is not appealing.

  17. Oh my God!. The top doesn’t match the bottom! The face is so horrible, what has she done to herself.

  18. Iconic BARBIE has more CLASS in her tiny feet than this grossly inadequate human “PIN CUSHION” will ever have!!
    Instead of “LITTLE GIRLS” looking up to HER, like they did REAL BARBIE, they run SCREAMING AWAY!!
    Does she even have a mirror??

  19. I think being positive about are selfs is great and if thats what she wants to spend her money then so be it but to me beauty is not just whats on the inside and she must ne that unhappy with her self if she wants to change that much take it from someone who knows i was 29 stone and ive had surgery and lost about 14 stone its not made me any happier i still hste what i see in the mirro

  20. She looks like a Bratz Barbie 🙄 I wouldn’t want her helping with any procedures. Scary! Shame on the surgeon’s

    1. Chicky’s wife Tiffany was Pretty compared to what this woman did to her jaw an lips😢 an Tiffany had more shape to legs

  21. How can anyone use the word Hater when referring to this lady!! Who would hate on her? Horrible!!!

  22. It’s her life but I definitely don’t advise models to do this to look like a Barbie
    She looks distorted and to artificial.
    Theirs limits to everything in life and anything can be overdone.

  23. First of all she don’t look like Barbie at all. Second of all. God made you. He made you perfectly in his image. Why mess with what God has done?

  24. It’s her life! Do what makes you happy but don’t expect not get haters when you ask for it! These surgeries look unreal fake and definitely don’t look like any barbie I’ve ever seen plus this gives false hope to young girls that can not afford such life changing experience when they grow up, this sets up young girls and even boys for failure

  25. People have different needs, she is expressing these needs with her looks. Bravo! Much luck to you always.

  26. Well, I would advise her to do what makes her is too short to worry about what people have to say, for instance me! , I make myself happy in ways people don’t really appreciate….self love ❤️

  27. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but she doesn’t resemble Barbie AT ALL. Frankly, the doll looks better!

  28. Terrible… Prefer to see her as she was before all surgery etc. Now she’s all out proportion, chin pointed like a witch, boobs far too big for her size… It all looks dreadful… Such a shame she didn’t get support before she destroyed all her lovely features.

  29. I don’t care how she looks or wants to look , she should just keep it of Facebook and TV , as for her looking like BARBIE no way , no how does she even gets close to barbie !!

  30. She is saying God made a mistake when He made me. She doesn’t look like any Barbie I ever played with. I feel sorry for her. This seems like low self esteem to the extreme to me. I pray she gets help.

  31. I feel SORRY for her ! Did not see any previous pics. Unfortunately people with polydysmorphia see themselves in a different lite! She has ruined her GOD given features,which make her unique! She is now much more hyper exaggerated! Sad thing to see!!!!

  32. She doesn’t look like a Barbie, she looks like a bratz doll & those dolls always looked like hoochie mamas to me.

  33. I don’t see the resemblance to barbie at all. More a brats doll imo.. Barbie is blonde and her face isn’t distorted beyond normal parameters. I don’t hate on her for doing what she loves coz its her body her choice. And she isn’t encouraging Impressionable minds to do anything. She’s allowed to share what makes her happy. There’s nothing wrong about that

  34. It’s her choice and also her money, but if I’m to advise her next time try and give that money to orphans they will appreciate and bless you, sometimes we are being mislead by nonsense and stupid life, because that’s a whole lot of money that can change somebody’s life

  35. She’s a licensed cosmetic nurse. If I went to see a cosmetic surgeon & she worked there I would turn around & run. She probably was beautiful b4 all those surgeries.

  36. She has spent all that money, to look like Barbie, yet nothing says Barbie with the way she looks. I am sorry to say, but she needs to ask for refunds from every doctor who made her look like an uncooked lasagne…

  37. That poor woman. Imagine feeling so insecure about your appearance that you feel the need to mutilate yourself. 31 years old and now she is forever a slave to this horrible cycle of upkeep. Eventually all her bits are gonna cave in and she’ll be spending all her $$ trying to salvage it. The bigger issue here, however, is the criminal “doctors” who continue to engage in her self destruction all in the name of the almighty dollar. They should lose their licenses!

  38. Looks like something out a comic book and how any man could find her look attractive you need to go to get your eyes tested

  39. I can understand, using this surgery after a horrible accident or such, but this is being to vain! But, each to their own!

  40. I would have purchased a house for that money spent!! Cut down my mortgage expense!! I’m not gonna say anything that has already been said! 🙄🙄🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

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