This Why People Who Get Cheated On Tend To Love The Hardest

When you get cheated on, it’s exactly how you imagine it to be. It’s such a painful, devastating, and emotionally overwhelming experience. When you’re caught in a situation like that, you are often paralyzed by your own feelings. You don’t really know what to do, where to go, or who you can turn to.

You get so confused about the state of things. You don’t really know how things got to this point or where you’re going to go from here. It’s just an emotional whirlwind and it can really overwhelm the senses. You might try to rationalize things all you want but you’re just never going to be able to find closure at that moment. It’s a terrible thing when you discover that you have just been cheated on.

You never think that this is something that would happen to you. You’ve seen it happen so many times to so many people in so many relationships before. You’ve seen the destruction and havoc that infidelity can leave in its wake. You’ve seen the terror and anguish that so many of these people have to go through to cope with unfaithfulness in the relationship.

But you never really thought that someday, you would be the one in their shoes. And yet, here you are. You’ve been cheated on. And now you’re forced to pick up the pieces as you try to move forward from this terrible ordeal.

You put your relationship first. You put your partner before you. You have made a lot of compromises and sacrifices in this life just to accommodate your partner’s needs. You let your own well-being and your own happiness take the back seat just for your partner. You really walked the ends of the earth. You bent over backward. You did everything that you could to prove your love because there was just so much love inside of you.

There was so much love that you had to give. And you willingly let that love flow through you. You let love empower you. You had love in your life – the kind of love that you thought you always wanted. You thought that you had the kind of love that people only ever really dream of. You gave all of your time, effort, money, and commitment to this relationship. You gave your everything to this love.

And yet, it all just came crashing down on you like a tidal wave. You didn’t see it coming. But in an instant, everything that you used to believe in your relationship turned out to be a lie. And the emotional shock that arises out of a situation like that can be crippling. It can be very difficult to deal with.

Before you fell in love, you had your emotional walls around you. You put them up as a means to protect yourself. But you also knew that you had to open yourself up little by little if you were going to let love enter your life. You allowed yourself to get vulnerable even though you knew that this would mean opening yourself up to getting hurt. You got your hopes up even if you knew that this would mean you opening yourself up to be disappointed.

You bought into everything that this person told you because these were the things that you desperately wanted to believe about yourself. You opened up your deepest and darkest secrets to this individual. You placed all of your hopes and dreams in this person and in this relationship. You felt like you were on top of the world. You felt like you were soaring as high as ever and that nothing could ever bring you down.

And then this happened. You were cheated on. And at first, you were devastated. Then you felt confused at how everything so perfect could turn into something so terrifying and heartbreaking. You were consumed with rage at the thought of betrayal. You couldn’t really find the right words to describe the sensations that were building up inside of you.

Your heart was shattered into a million pieces but you also knew that no one would be there to help pick them back up and put them together. You felt alone. For the longest time, you had someone to rely on. But then, this same person ended up betraying you. And now, you feel as alone as ever.

And so, you take it upon yourself to heal. You know that no one else is going to do it for you. But you muster up the courage to face the world again. You muster up the courage to find love again. And it’s precisely because you know just how hard it is to get cheated on that you make sure that you love the right way.

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