This Woman Had An Affair While Her Husband Was Busy At Work

This is a story of a woman whose husband is constantly busy at work. He has to spend the whole day at his job while she has to stay at home every single day. And she gets bored a lot. She craves for company every once in a while. Sure, she has her son but after he goes off to school, she really doesn’t have anyone to talk to. And it’s really different when she doesn’t have a real adult man with whom she can be intimate. Unfortunately, her husband is just unavailable most of the time. And so what does she decide to do?

She decides to cheat on him. She has an affair with another man. They make love a lot – and most of the time, they do it right in her home while her husband and her son are out of the house. This is just her way of filling up some kind of void in her life. She is just trying to have her romantic and personal needs met.

However, one day, as she is having sex with her lover, her 9-year-old son comes home from school. He sees everything that’s unfolding and so he decides to go hide in the closet to watch. He’s curious and he doesn’t really understand what’s going on just yet. He wants to get a better idea of the situation so he just tries to observe from the shadows quietly.

But then, while the boy is in the closet, the wife’s husband arrives home early from work as well. She and her lover panic as they rush to get their clothes back on. She runs out to meet him and her lover runs into the closet to hide where he meets the little boy.

The little boy says, “It’s awfully dark in this here closet.”

The man replies to him, “Yes, you’re right. It really is.”

Boy: “You know? I have a really nice baseball.”

Man: “That’s swell. Good for you, kid!”

Boy: “Maybe you want to make an offer for it? Take it off my hands.”

Man: “No, that’s okay. I don’t really play baseball.”

Boy: “You know? My dad’s outside.”

Man: “Alright, fine. How much is it?”

Boy: “It’s only $250.”

Man: “What? $250? You’re robbing me!”

Boy: “You don’t want it? It’s okay. I can just go out and tell my dad…”

Man: “Okay, fine. Just as long as you keep your mouth shut.”

A few weeks after that incident, the same scenario happens once more. The man finds himself hiding in the closet with the little boy again and so they strike up another conversation.

The little boy says, “It’s awfully dark in this here closet.”

The man replies to him, “Yes, you’re right. It really is.”

Boy: “You know? I have a really nice baseball glove.”

And that’s when the lover remembered the last conversation that he and the little boy had in that very same closet. He sees where the conversation is going and so he just decides to keep quiet so the boy can continue to make his offer.


Boy: “How about $750 this time?”

Man: “What? $750? You’re killing me!”

Boy: “It’s okay. I can always just go outside and tell…”

Man: “Fine. Here’s your $750.”

A couple of weeks pass after that second incident. The father than knocks on his son’s door and tells him, “Hey, boy. Grab your ball and glove. Let’s go outside to play a little game of catch. Spend some time with each other.”

“But I can’t, dad…” the boy replies. “I have already sold both my glove and my ball.”

Astonished, the father then asks, “what? For how much?”


The dad was shocked at the response of his son and he decides to impart an important life lesson on his child.

“It’s really bad for you to be overcharging your friends and your peers like that. You sold your glove and ball for way more than it was actually worth. That’s a sin. That’s a lie. God isn’t going to be too happy with you. I’m going to take you to church to confess.”

So, the dad decides to bring his son to church to get things right with God. The soon then goes straight into the confession booth and proceed to close the door so he can begin the confession process.

“It’s dark in here!”, the boy says.

Then, suddenly, a familiar voice replies to him, “Don’t try that crap with me again.”

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