10 Things That Go Through Her Mind When She Gets Naked In Front Of You For The First Time

Do you ever get insecure whenever you’re showing your body off to a girl for the very first time? Well, typically speaking, as science would suggest, you don’t really worry all that much. You’re a man and you tend to be bursting with confidence when it comes to how your body looks. And it’s likely that you really aren’t all that insecure about your body when you’re getting naked in front of a woman for the first time. You might not necessarily have a million thoughts running through your head all at once. However, it’s not going to be the same for a woman.

Women tend to be very insecure about their bodies; even when they’re in relationships with guys that they have been with for so long, they can still feel very insecure about how they look when they get undressed. Of course, it’s so easy for girls to feel conscious; and they share a lot of common thought processes that they undergo whenever they undress in front of men for the first time. And while there are countless possibilities as to how a woman’s mind may conduct itself in this scenario, here are a few of the more common ones.

1. “This is the real me and I hope he likes what he sees.”

She knows that this is a defining moment in whatever relationship you are going to have. She is making herself vulnerable to you in a way that she doesn’t with other boys. And it’s really scaring her having to think about how you’re going to react and think.

2. “Why is he staring at me? Is my hair out of place?”

She wants so desperately to crawl into your mind and see what you’re thinking in that exact moment. But she can’t. She can only speculate. And it’s driving her insane.

3. “My goodness, it’s cold.”

The fewer covers, the colder it gets. The more she sheds her layers, the more she’s going to crave for a cover. And even though you might not expect it, girls are going to be thinking about just how cold it is whenever they start to undress in front of you.

4. “I hope it’s okay with him that I haven’t shaved.”

Some guys like hair. Some guys don’t. And she isn’t exactly sure what category you fall under.

5. “I probably should have removed my clothes in a sexier manner.”

She’s going to want to pay great attention to detail. She knows that this is a momentous occasion in your relationship’ and she isn’t going to want to take it lightly. Even something as simple as the manner in which she takes her clothes off is going to consume her thoughts.

6. “How do I pose to make myself look the sexiest?”

This is it. She’s now naked in front of you. She’s now letting it all hang loose. She’s putting everything out there. But she wants to make sure that she’s giving a good presentation. And that’s why she’s thinking about how she should pose in front of you. She wants to make sure that she’s presenting herself in a flattering light.

7. “Do I need to maintain eye contact with him as I’m undressing?”

She knows that this is a very intimate moment that the two of you should be sharing together. And yet, she’s not entirely sure about whether she should be maintaining eye contact with you. She’s not sure if it’s okay for her to look away for a bit; or if she should be keeping her eyes locked on yours all of the time.

8. “I wonder if it would be weird if I looked into a mirror right now.”

She so desperately wants to check herself out and see if everything is in place. She wants to make sure that she looks perfect in front of you. But she doesn’t want to come off as a vain and conceited woman who can’t function without looking into a mirror. So she contemplates it for a bit.

9.“Should I be the one to undress or should I let him have control?”

She isn’t sure if she wants you to be the one who should undress her or if she should be the one to do it herself. She wants to make you feel included in the process, but she doesn’t want to make you feel like you have a job to do.

10. “I think he’s really into it.”

Of course, not all girls are going to be very insecure about undressing in front of men for the first time. There are so many strong and independent women out there who just exude confidence and self-assuredness. She knows that men are simplistic creatures, and it can be very easy to get them into the mood. And that’s why she isn’t really all that worried about how she looks now that she’s naked in front of you.

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