TikTok Couple Shares How They Filed for Divorce But Fixed Their Marriage, Putting Them $100k in Debt

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Life has ups and downs. When two people get married, they start a journey believing in one another and wanting the best for each other. But as we all know, not all marriages have happy endings. The lucky ones among us blossom their marriage into something beautiful while others let it become their biggest weakness. But in both cases, a lot of married couples think about divorce at least once in their marriage when things get complicated.

Today’s married couple shared their story on how they went through bad times, thought about getting divorced, and blossomed their marriage into a stronger bond.

Happily Ever After, Through Thick & Thin

Brittany Jade shared her story on TikTok; her account has over 2.1 million followers where she uploads the journey she shared with her husband, Wyland. The couple had been together for 13 years, but their relationship started getting rocky as they had to deal with addiction and a lot of toxicity together.

Brittany posted a video on TikTok; it’s a montage that showed their entire relationship and struggles in a nutshell – showcasing how they started happily, went through some troubling times, took time off, and ultimately got back together to become a happy family. But a $100k divorce filing debt followed them; they’ve now almost paid it off.

Here is a short recap of their inspirational love story:

The couple started off happy.

They end up being homeless, but stick together.

But then things start getting worse for them.

Wyley gets fed up.

But they shared true love, Wyley flies to her two days later.

Things start looking up, the two get married.

Happiness continues, the couple gets pregnant.

But then, toxicity ensues.

They initiate a divorce, costing around $100k.

They both take a year off and work on their individual selves.

A year later, they embrace each other again.

Ultimately, after their entire journey, they’re a strong & happy family of five.

But because the divorce proceedings were filed, they were $100k in debt.

In the caption of her debt video, Brittany explains how they’re almost free from debt now:

“Our happily ever after is paying off a divorce we never got. 😆❤️ But for the record, We ALMOST have (my side) of it paid off! 👏😊”

Their story definitely teaches us to never give up on love and to think twice before filing for divorce unless you’re entirely sure. You can follow Brittany Jade on her TikTok here.

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Brittany Jade on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Brittany Jade on TikTok

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